This week the world bid farewell to the last man on the moon, Gene Cernan (USA) - a passionate explorer of new horizons

Last man on the moon, Gene Cernan, passes away at 82
Forensic artist Lois Gibson (USA) has used her artistic skills and extraordinary intuition to help identify over 1,000 criminals. This is her story.

Video: How Lois Gibson's incredible sketches have helped solve thousands of crimes
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Thanks to all of our fans around the world Let us know which kinds of records you'd like to see more of here on Facebook - and look out for more LIVE shows next week
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Thor vs Big Z: Washing machine throwdown Which powerful contender hung his opponent out to dry?
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Watch Red Bull stunt driver Han Yue take on the iconic Nürburgring Nordschleife racetrack on two wheels

New record for Red Bull China stunt driver Han Yue: Fastest side-wheelie lap of the Nürburgring Nordschleife
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LIVE: WHAM! KERPOW! Join us for the filming of an attempt at the longest uncut choreographed fight scene with Shane Fazen. We’re in Los Angeles, California with our host Asha Leo – your punchiest questions are very welcome.
You can follow our host on her social channels @ashaleo
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LIVE: Laura Biondo from Cirque du Soleil is back to show us her spectacular soccer trick skills – and today she’ll be attempting ‘Most football (soccer) clipper tricks performed in one minute’. Give Laura your support in the comments and we welcome your questions.
You can also follow our host Asha Leo on her social channels @ashaleo
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18-year-old Abhishek “Steel Blades” Choubey from India has been pulling objects with his shoulder blades since the age of eight, starting with chairs and tables - and now cars >
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LIVE: 85-year-old performer Walter "Darcelle XV" Cole is the world's oldest drag queen. Join us from the Darcelle XV Showplace in Portland, Oregon for the show - your questions are welcome!
You can also follow our host Asha Leo on her social channels @AshaLeo
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Keon the Irish wolfhound boasts a mighty tail measuring an astonishing 76.8 cm (30.2 inches) long He's one of the amazing animal stars of the #GWR2017 book

Video: Meet Irish wolfhound who boasts world’s longest dog tail
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The awesome Laura Biondo is back on #FacebookLIVE later today for another ⚽ freestyle record attempt. Tune in from 5pm (PST) 8pm (EST) 1am (GMT)
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LIVE: Alex Zerbe: Professional Zaniac is here to show us the awesome footbag skills that’ve earned him the trick record title for most consecutive eclipses. Want to get some tips on how to be the best? We welcome your questions in the comments.
You can also follow our host Asha Leo on her social channels @ashaleo
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LIVE: Meet world adventurer Erden Eruç (Turkey) one of our most incredible and prolific travel record holders.
Erden holds several record titles including 'First solo circumnavigation of the globe using human power' - achieved by rowing, kayaking, hiking and cycling on a journey lasting 5 years 11 days 12 hrs and 22 mins #TravelTuesday

You can get Erden's book "A Journey of a Lifetime" at [...
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Who can throw a washing machine the farthest? “Thor” Björnsson (Iceland) aka 'The Mountain' from Game of Thrones takes on the mighty Žydrūnas Savickas BIG Z (Lithuania)

Game of Thrones star vs World’s Strongest Man winner in washing machine throwing showdown
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126,000 poinsettia flowers made for a stunning colourful display at this recent record attempt in Morelos, México

México breaks the record for the Largest carpet of flowers
Walking strong: These acrobat brothers from Vietnam stepped up to an incredible record-breaking challenge >
This enormous 893 m² (9,612.17 ft²) light projection was displayed on a curtain of 30 water fountains and mist at Dubai Festival City, UAE >
Mark's right on target in #GWRblockbusters 2017 edition with his giant-sized Nerf gun

Mechanical engineer blasts his way into Blockbusters 2017 edition with the Largest Nerf gun
LIVE: How fast can you type? Meet court reporter Mark Kislingbury (USA), a stenotype writer from Houson, Texas who holds the record with 360 words per minute! Type your questions at super-fast speed in the comments now.
LIVE: Super fit Ronnie Delzer (USA) recently achieved the greatest distance run on a treadmill in 12 hours - 143.84 km (89.38 miles)! Why not get some fitness tips? We're live outside of Houston at Luke's Locker where he broke the record. Post your questions now in the comments