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LIVE: Climb aboard the largest ever caravan built with LEGO bricks. We're at NECBirmingham, UK. Your questions for the Freedom to Go team who built it are very welcome
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02/21/2017 at 13:14. Facebook
Join us in an hour on Facebook for a LIVE tour of this caravan made from 215,158 individual LEGO bricks and a chat with professional LEGO builders Bright Bricks.
Fun fact: The caravan even has functioning amenities such as running water and electricity
LIVE: Most LEGO brick castles built in one minute. Ed Diment (UK) of Bright Bricks is a speedy builder who's here to demonstrate his record of 15 in one minute. Your questions are welcome!
LIVE: Fastest time to build a 20 can pyramid. Stephen Kish (UK) AKA Sizzling Steve from CBBC's Officially Amazing TV show joins us from our London HQ. Post your questions and technique suggestions below.
Larry's going to need some help strumming his super-sized ukulele! #GWR2017

Video: Listen to the world’s largest ukulele
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In case you missed any, here's a round up of this week's fun-packed Facebook Live shows, featuring Ali Spagnola, Asha Leo and more

Facebook Live Rewind: Bridal gowns, martial artists, and exploding volcanos
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Pro wrestler John Ferraro - AKA Gino Martino AKA Hammer Head - has a skull nearly three times thicker than the average human. Full story >
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02/18/2017 at 22:00. Facebook
Goal! Congratulations to Ed Wood who today regained a record he first achieved 25 years ago - the fastest time to visit every EFL (English Football League) stadium. 93 matches, 93 stadiums, 189 days, in aid of Prostate Cancer UK ⚽

Fastest time to visit all English football league stadiums
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02/18/2017 at 16:42. Facebook
Dai Andrews joins us LIVE to attempt to swallow a sword that's curved 120 degrees from point to hilt. We're in Baltimore, USA - your sharpest questions are welcome.
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02/18/2017 at 10:11. Facebook
13-year-old Palestinian athlete محمد الشيخ Mohammed Al Shaikh AKA Spider-Boy's incredible flexibilty has seen him running into the record books this week. Read more >
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Measuring 14.84 metres (48 ft. 8 inches), this enormous hand-carved sandcastle includes intricate designs of animals, people, and the slogan 'World Peace'. Congratulations to Indian artist Sudarsan Pattnaik and his team of 45 students from Sudarsan Sand Institute

Indian artist breaks world record after building 48-foot sandcastle
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02/17/2017 at 10:08. Facebook
You've goat to be kidding! A magnificent 135.2 cm (53.23 in) horn spread earned Rasputin the goat from Austria a place in our #GWR2017 edition >
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02/16/2017 at 16:59. Facebook
LIVE: Trashcano eruption at Smashfestuk! We're in London to witness an attempt at the largest liquid nitrogen model volcano. Got an bubbling, explosive science question? Post it now in the comments
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Throwback Thursday: In 2011 Tom Rauen (USA) achieved the most T-shirts worn at once with 247 in Dubuque, Iowa.
A team of helpers assisted Tom by dressing him in the t-shirts which ranged in size from medium up to a 20XL - the largest and final shirt. Amazingly enough, the record was broken later that year by Sanath Bandara (Sri Lanka) with 257 T-shirts.
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1,941 people joined hands floating on the surface of Lake Epecuén, Argentina in a spectacular mass participation record attempted in the same lake that brought disaster when it flooded the city of Epecuén more than 30 years ago. The record attempt was organised to bring hope and joy to the citizens of the city >
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LIVE: Most pine boards broken in one minute. We're in Sydney, Australia with martial arts pro Glenn Coxon.

Fun Fact: Glenn's daughter Summerly Denny is also a record-breaker, for 'Most pine boards broken in one minute (female)'. We welcome your questions
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"We may be short but we have big hearts and lots of love for each other as well as everybody in our lives" - Katyucia Lie Hoshino
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LIVE: Fastest time to dress a bride. It's Valentine's Day, and Asha Leo and special guest Ali Spagnola are at Claire Pettibone bridal store in Los Angeles attempting to break the record! Post your technique tips in the comments now
You can follow Asha on her social channels @AshaLeo
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#TravelTuesday Inspiration
Capri Everitt sang the national anthems of an incredible 76 countries whilst visiting them in an epic trip for SOS Children's Villages charity

11-year-old Canadian girl sets record singing 76 national anthems in their host countries
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02/14/2017 at 09:59. Facebook
Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovers out there ♥
From the tallest and shortest married couple to the longest underwater kiss, here's ten top romantic record holders.

Tune into our live show later to see Asha Leo & Ali Spagnola attempt the fastest time to dress a bride! 11.30am EST / 4.30pm GMT

Video: 10 romantic Guinness World Records titles that will make your heart melt