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Gujarat is extremely delighted to welcome esteemed delegates for a 3 day #NationalConference, which will converge Tourism, Culture, Youth Affairs & Sports and will Create Synergy with States & UTs towards Building a Resurgent, Young India and Strengthening Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat.
Gujarat Tourism
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A visual treat for any tourist and a treasurable experience for a bird watcher, Thol Lake Bird sanctuary is home to more than 100 species of birds. #BirdSanctuary
Gujarat Tourism
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Riding the decorated camels on the white sand of the Great Rann of Kutch is an unparalleled experience that one can have in his/her life. #RunToRann before 20th Feb, 2017 to experience unlimited and unsurpassed enjoyments at this desert.
Gujarat Tourism
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This time make your stay in Gujarat full of heal, health and happiness at Gujarat's largest drugless health care destination! #WellnessTourism
Gujarat Tourism
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Dholavira is one of the two largest Harappan sites in India. Through the excavation carried out by the Archaelogical Survey of India, it has been learnt that Dholavira was once an important commercial center and trade occurred with south Gujarat, Sindh, Punjab and the Middle East. #GujaratHeritage
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Gujarat welcomes you all to come & paint your stories on this beautiful canvas! #CinematicTourism
Gujarat Tourism
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Gujarat Tourism
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Gujarat is vibrant with colors of joy and colors of life. Wish you all a very #HappyUttarayan!
Gujarat Tourism
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Wish you all a very #HappyLohri!
Gujarat Tourism
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People often find themselves marking time by Uttarayans: โ€œI met you three Uttarayans ago, right?โ€ It is a so very common phrase in Gujarat. And the time has come again when you will witness people saying this!

Catch a few glimpses of #IKF17!
Do not miss out visiting Gujarat Tourism stall (Hall 12) in Vibrant Gujarat Global Trade Show 2017 at exhibition grounds, Gandhinagar till 13th Jan, 2017. Stay connected with us during and after the event! #VibrantGujarat2017
Get an outstanding Virtual Reality (VR) experience of 6 major tourist destinations of #Gujarat at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar! #VibrantGujarat2017
The spectacular sight of boundless white desert under the moon light presents the stunning creation of nature, unique to this world. Get a breathtaking view of it at #RannUtsav! #FullMoonDay
The triple-arched gateway at Ahmedabad is an imposing monument of perfect proportions & highly ornate buttresses. #GujaratHeritage
Sundarvan: This natural refuge is indeed a mini zoo committed to spreading awareness and sensitivity towards nature. Have an amazing experience with this nature discovery centre! #Wildlifeโ€‹
Science City is an ambitious initiative of the Government of Gujarat to trigger an inquiry of science in the mind of a common citizen with the aid of entertainment and experiential knowledge. Do visit this #GujaratMuseum!
On a full moon night during #RannUtsav, the region wakes to an endless cycle of dance, and where century old traditions are revived in a celebration. Enjoy #FullMoonDay at Kutch on 12th Jan, 2017!
Gujarat welcomes Kite lovers from across the world to #IKF17! Let's go fly a kite!
Uttarayan: A festival in the honor of the sky. Come, enjoy the great excitement in the air! #IKF17 beginning from tomorrow!
This UNESCO World Heritage site, is the carved and amazing step well, located on the banks of the Saraswati River in Patan. Have a weekend retreat! #WeekendAttraction