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Clemency #GotItOnGumtree and is our third winner!

She got her first job on Gumtree, and worked her way up to content manager at a start-up in Bristol.

Well done, and congratulations on winning our £500 prize!

Have you ever replied to a job ad on Gumtree? We want to hear about your journey! Share your story on our wall adding #GotItOnGumtree and you could be a winner yourself...
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In search of the right work-life balance? Passionate about high quality foods? Apply for the Pizza Chef position at The Stable - it comes with lots of training opportunities.

Pizza Chef position at The Stable available
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This apartment is a stunner - but we don't need to tell you that. Have a look through the pictures and see for yourself...

2 bedroom apartment in Wimbledon - find out more about all features
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It's not about the destination, it's the journey... Perhaps yours could be in this BMW?

2013 black BMW 1 Series for sale
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Can't be bothered to go out tonight? Who can blame you when there's entire DVD collections on sale on our website? Binge watch some classic movies this weekend.

DVD collection for sale
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Isn't (s)he cute? This Honda scooter will remind many of you of your first motor vehicle... Let's give it a comeback!

Honda NES 125-Y scooter for sale
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We've been seeing some great Gumtree stories in the past weeks. Have you shared yours yet?

Tell us how you #GotItOnGumtree for the chance to win a personalised prize worth £500! Share your story on our wall - and don't forget to include the hashtag #GotItOnGumtree.

Head to our blog for more info.

Want to win a prize worth £500?
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Does your house need some work done? We've got the tools to make your craftsman hearts beat faster. Get in touch with the seller of this WORX Tools drill and impact driver.

Worx cordless drill and impact driver for sale
This gorgeous Bath gastropub is on the lookout for a passionate, ambitious Head Chef to join the team. Watch their video in which they describe their perfect candidate... Could it be you?

Head Chef position available
Who's been saving up for a new car last year? The time may have come to open your pockets for this gorgeous BMW.

BMW 4 Series in metallic mineral grey
Last year we teamed up with KissFM to look for the #KissChosenOne. Swarzy came, saw and conquered - and won our competition. Watch her tell her very own #GotItOnGumtree story.
Spending your Friday night out and about or cosied up in front of the telly? This cuddle chair has a built in audio centre and could upgrade your life in many ways...

Large comfy cuddle chair for sale
Tired of using public transportation to get to work? A scooter is the perfect alternative - and it will get you that tiny adrenaline rush. Why not try out this Honda Vision?

Honda Vision in excellent condition
We'd like to share this very special #GotItOnGumtree story from Josephine. She bought a bike on Gumtree and raised £3000 for charity with her friend, cycling from London to Paris in four days. Do you have a great Gumtree story to share? Post it on our wall adding #GotItOnGumtree and you could win a prize worth £500...
Whether you're celebrating Valentine's or Galentine's Day today - embrace the love that's in the air with this cheesy film

'Valentine's Day' DVD
We're pleased to announce that Jan Hall is our second #GotItOnGumtree winner!

We enjoyed reading her story about this greenhouse they found on Gumtree for free. In order to transport it home, she and her husband took it for a walk through the village Jan wins a personalised prize worth £500.

Share your #GotItOnGumtree story for the chance to win!
Start the week off right. Pole To Win are on the lookout for an Inside Sales Executive. Could this be up your street? Apply now!

Inside Sales Executive position available
Thinking about moving in with your partner? You may belong to the 77% who spend roughly £1,560 on household goods like fridges, beds and washing machines.
Money matters... especially in relationships. Did you know that 23% of all British couples' arguments are about money? Not to mention the £6,382 we spend from first date to marriage...