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Another Fake News #2A report from The Washington Post.

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Fake News: WaPo Says Congress Makes It Easier for 'Mentally Incompetent' Vets to Carry Guns
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Concealed carry on the rise in the Windy City as people are "worried about crime." #GunOwners

Good Guys in Chicago Tool Up to Combat Rising Crime Threat
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ICYMI: North Dakota became the 14th Constitutional Carry state this week.

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North Dakota Now Allows Permitless Concealed Carry
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Gorsuch's nomination to the Supreme Court is coming down to this question: do you support the Second Amendment?

Urge your Senator to #ComfirmGorsuch: [ Link ]
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Sen. Dianne Feinstein repeatedly tried to get Neil Gorsuch to denounce the #2A -- all to no avail.

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Anti-gun Liberals Gunning for Gorsuch
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And then there were 14!

GOA-Backed Constitutional Carry is signed by the Governor in North Dakota!

GOA-Backed Constitutional Carry Signed in North Dakota!
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Stupid Teacher Alert: Walking in a field, a kid finds an empty .22 casing -- aka, a piece of brass -- and puts it in his pocket. Teacher says kid has a "shotgun shell," and now he's suspended for seven days.

Plus, she says if his "enthusiasm for guns" continues, he'll be permanently expelled!

Pre-Schooler Suspended Seven Days for Bringing Empty .22 Shell Casing to School
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Australia's gun control isn't working. Their solution? More gun control.

Prediction: New Australian gun control will utterly fail.

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Australia Announces New Amnesty Program After Gun Confiscation Fails To Disarm Criminals
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If you're in Virginia, check out Larry Pratt Pratt at Liberty University tonight.

Details: [ Link ]

Guest Speaker: Larry Pratt of GOA
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Gorsuch responded, “The Supreme Court has spoken, and Heller is the law of the land.”

Tell your senator to #ConfirmGorsuch:

Gorsuch on Heller 2nd Amendment Ruling: "It's The Law of the Land"
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The Supreme Court favorably decided a case where GOA came to the defense of a man who had been arrested and detained for 48 days based on false charges.

Thanks to gun owners who help make victories like this possible:

GOA-Backed Case Enjoys Supreme Court Victory
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GOA is encouraging Congress to remove all gun control problems in any new health care legislation. #2A #GunOwners

Gun Owners of America: Paul Ryan's ObamaCare 2.0 Still Furthers Gun Control
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"It was a home invasion and attempted robbery that went very bad,” the Henderson County, Texas sheriff said.

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Don't Mess with Texans
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Record numbers of gun sales were followed by ... wait for it ... a drastic drop in gun accident deaths! #2A #GunOwners

More Guns, Fewer Gun Accidents
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Gun-hating billionaire, Michael Bloomberg, made a $20 million mistake in Nevada and his minions are now looking for a scapegoat.

But #GunOwners are fighting back!

Anti-gun zealots trying to bully Nevada AG Laxalt
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In Berkeley County, if you kick someone's door in and you get shot, as long as I'm the coroner, that's going to be a justifiable homicide," a county official said.

Thieves beware in South Carolina. Share to show guns save lives!

Homeowner fatally shoots home invader, 2nd suspect arrested
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"ObamaCare Fix” must be amended to eliminate anti-gun aspects.

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Will Gun Control Remain in ObamaCare?
GOA's Erich Pratt said that gun purchases “would have continued to skyrocket” and set sales records had Hillary Clinton been elected president.

But the boom in concealed carry is still driving gun sales, Pratt said.

Gun Sales Still Robust, As Concealed Carry Continues to Skyrocket
Many Second Amendment issues are battling in Congress, the Supreme Court, and state legislatures around the country.

Join the ranks of millions of other gun owners to stand up for the Second Amendment: [ Link ]

2nd Amendment Rights – Some Setbacks, and a Few Wins