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Officers found a gun in the boy's vehicle and took him into custody.

12-year-old leads highway patrol in southern Montana pursuit
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Another teen committing a crime with a fake gun is shot and killed by police. Commit real crimes with fake guns and the consequences are always real.

Brooklyn Teen Attempting Armed Robbery With Fake Gun Shot by Police
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Police say the armed teen put his gun to the man's chest and demanded his chocolates, which were 'his grandma's favorite' chocolates. How very Forrest Gump.

Gunman Robs Man for his 'Grandma's Favorite' Chocolates
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Senator Sharer said concealed carry people went through background checks and two days of training, "they’re not the criminals of the world."

New Mexico Legislator Looks to Eliminate the Most Dangerous Places in America: Gun Free Zones
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Currently, Idahoans can use a concealed carry permit as ID when registering to vote, but not as a valid form of ID when they actually show up to vote.

Proposed Legislation Would Allow Voters in Idaho to Use These as Valid ID at the Polls
One Alabama Sheriff isn’t happy about the proposed legislation, saying he thinks it’s a dangerous move. In a letter to his constituents, Madison County Sheriff Blake Dorning wrote:

This Sheriff is Against Constitutional Carry. Wait 'Till You Hear Why:
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Watch Vitaly Kryuchin, President of the Russian Practical Shooting Federation, and four brave musicians perform ‘Radetzky March’ by Johann Strauss.

Das Good, Yah? Russian Shooter Performs ‘Radetzky March’ With a Bang
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Black Guns Matter" movement founder Maj Toure believes people living in urban cities need to be informed about their Second Amendment rights.

VIDEO: Guns and the NRA Aren't Just for "Crazy White Folks"
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Gun control advocates hate firearms until they want to carry out heinous acts.

DISTURBING! Gun Control Surrogate Wants to Abolish Guns... Except to Take Out Snitches
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The head of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Governor Hutchinson said they agreed to language that would allow anyone 25 and older with a state concealed handgun license to carry if they've…

This State's Governor Is Advocating an Expansion of Gun Rights on Collage Campuses
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These are the people with guns in California.
RIP, Officer Boyer.

California Officer Shot Dead by Gang Member Paroled Only Days Earlier
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Mayfield Heights Police said no charges have been filed against the daring Dairy Queen employee or the injured ice cream bandit at this time.

Ohio Dairy Queen Employee Serves Armed Robber a Blizzard of Bullets
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Arguably obvious is the fact that our Second Amendment right to protect ourselves must go beyond ownership of arms to included concealed carry as well, since the need to protect oneself is never…

South Dakota's AG Just Added His Name to the Long List of Legislators Fighting Gun Control in California
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Yakima, Washington police report the suspects broke in at 4:40 a.m. Sunday. Both the suspects and the homeowner were armed.

Home Invasion Ends With Yakima Homeowner Shooting Suspects
Reporting that Milwaukee police seize guns in the southern Wisconsin city at a rate nine times of police in New York City, Barrett once again claims this isn't due to the MPD Chief's failure to solve…

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett Admits he Can't Make a Dent in the City's Crime Problem