Guruvayur Krishna!
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Draupadi Devi- also known as Krishnaa is the adopted daughter of King Drupada of Panchala, who becomes the wife of the five Pandavas. She understood that Lord Krishna was not a close friend and a relative of the Pandavas, but the Supreme Sriman Narayanan in human form. To demonstrate this bhakti to Rukmini and Satyabhama, Lord Krishna took them to Indraprastha, where in when combing the hair...
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Guruvayur Krishna!
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Aanjaneeeya Dheera..
Hanumantha Shoora..
Guruvayur Krishna!
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Mayil peeli mudi choodum Mukil Varnna.. Yen Guruvayur Mathilakathaaye oliminnum manivilakkee.... Kannaa kannaaa.. Kannaaa
Guruvayur Krishna!
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Hare Rama...Hare Krishna...Ellam Krishnaarpanam..
Swami Saranam
MAKARA Samkranthi wishes to all dear Friends … May Lord Ayyappa bless you all with Health , Wealth , Success and Happiness..Today 14th Jan 2017 Saturday is MAKARA SAMKRAMAM. Sannidhanam is ready for MAKARAVILAKKU MAHOTSAVAM. It was on MAKARA SAMKRAMAM Lord Ayyappa after defeating Mahishi, merged with the Dharma Shastha Murti(idol) at Sabarimala . The evening deeparadhana is the most important...
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Inviting our dear & Near ones to join us the NAMAKHOSHALAHRI lead by Sreekanthji with his troupe membbers of Sreeviswaroopa Bhajans on13th of January 2017 @ Ajman Indian Association Hall from 11 am onwards in Association with this year's Ayyappa Puja Mahotsavam. Entry is free for all... Sreekanth Viswaroopa Sreekanth M Nair Remesh Viswaroopa Ratheesh Viswaroopa Sree Viswaroopa Bhajans...
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AAYYAPPA PUJA MAHOTSAVAM in Dubai on 12th &13 th of January at Ajman Indian Association Hall. Please inform &invite all your near & dear ones. Entry is free for all. Program will sart by 7pm evening of 12th of JAN 2017 and continues till 13th of JAN 2017. BHAGAWATHY SEVA , LAKSHARCHANA, BHAJAN BY SREEVISWAROOPA BHAJAN MANDALI & ANNADANAM are the main highlights of the program.
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Vaikunda ekadashi wiashes to all...
8th of Jan 2017, Sunday is Vaikunta Ekadashi. Vaikunta Ekadashi also known as Swargavathil Ekadasi or Mukkoti Ekadasi is one of the most important Ekadasis.Puranas predicts that "Vaikunta Dwaram" - Gates to the heaven is opened on this divine day.This is the passage encircling the innermost sanctum of Bhagawan Mahavishnu.
As Bhagavan said…. Just as...
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Pilleeru Thalappoli for Edatharikathu Kavilamma - the upadevatha of Guruayur temple was cunducted on thursday.

ഗുരുവായൂര്‍ ക്ഷേത്രത്തിലെ ഉപദേവതയായ ഇടത്തരികത്തുകാവിലമ്മയ്ക്ക് വഴിപാടായി പിളേളരു താലപ്പൊലി വ്യാഴാഴ്ച നടന്നു ,. നാട്ടുകാരുടെ വകയായാണ് താലപ്പൊലി സംഘത്തിന്‍റെ പിളേളര് താലപ്പൊലി നടത്തുക.
ദേശവലത്തിനായി പുറത്തേക്കെഴുന്നളളുന്ന ഭഗവതിയ 1001 പറകള്‍ വച്ചും നിറദീപങ്ങള്‍ തെളിച്ചും ഭക്തര്‍...
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Om Namo Narayanaya: Guruvayur Devaswom webpage for information. Please contact Devaswom for any temple related matters. This Facebook page is a devotee group, not connected to official Devaswom or temple activities. Wishing everyone a happy new year! Om Namo Narayanaya:

Guruvayur Devaswom Home Page-Official Website Of Guruvayur Devaswom -
Rakshikkanee Bhagawanee... SREE GURUVAYURAPPA SARANAM
All set for Mandala Pooja at Sabarimala Sannidanam. Today being the 41st day of "MANDALA POOJA MAHOTSAVAM”, the Mandala pooja will be conducted between
Time 12.00 pm & 12.15 pm at
Sabarimala and today after Athazhapooja and Harivarasanam Sabarimala Sannidhanam will be closed for 3 days.
Bhagawan's Thirunada will be reopened for Makaravilakku puja on 30th Dec Evening by 5pm. Makaravilakku...
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Lord Ayyappa gave Darshan to devotees today by adorning the sacred golden attire "Thanka Anki"..
24th of Dec, Saturday is Saphala Ekadashi. As Bhagavan said…. Just as among snakes “Sesh-Naga” is the best, among birds “Garuda” is the best, among sacrifices the “Asvamedha” is the best, among rivers “Mother Ganga” is the best…….so among all fasting days” Ekadashi” is the best…. Ekadasi is the name of the Goddess that arose from Lord Vishnu to defeat Demon Mura.The Legend is like this. Once...
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21st of Dec, the first wednesday of the malayalam month Dhanu is celebrated as KUCHEELA DINAM.. .
It was after several years Kuchela the poor Brahmin childhood friend of Lord Krishna visited Bhagawan Sree Krishna the ruler of Dwaraka to ask some financial help to overcome his poverty. He carried with him handful of aval (beaten rice). This beaten rice was of poor quality and it was filled...
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Narayaneeya Dinam wishes of AyurAarogyaSoukhyam to all.

योगीन्द्राणां त्वदङ्गेष्वधिकसुमधुरं मुक्तिभाजां निवासो
भक्तानां कामवर्षद्युतरुकिसलयं नाथ ते पादमूलम् ।
नित्यं चित्तस्थितं मे पवनपुरपते कृष्ण कारुण्यसिन्धो
हृत्वा निश्शेषतापान् प्रदिशतु परमानन्दसन्दोहलक्ष्मीम् ॥१०॥

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Om Namo Narayanaya: "Narayaneeya Dinam" is on 13th Dec Tuesday. Narayaneeyam is the master piece written by Melpathur Narayana Bhatathiri. The poet depicts the image of Lord Guruvayurappan, in exemplary terms - "Sammohanam Mohanal Kantham Kanthinidhanathopi, Madhuram Madhurya Dhuryadapi, Soundaryotharathopi Sundaratharam”, and these become doubly meaningful and apt when applied to this...
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