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Thundermarch, NIT Silchar
February 20, 2017 Guthrie Govan (Official) - Mohini Dey - Gino Banks

Bluetree event
Some infö about a masterclass event in London on March 16... for anyone who might be interested in such a thing ;-)

Guitar & Bass Presents Guthrie Govan Masterclass

February 19; ITA Machkhowa Guwahati
[ Insider.in Link ]
The tickets for the shows in COTTON CLUB Tokyo go on sale today for March 5th & 6th. Joining Guthrie Govan (Official) on stage on bass Mohini Dey, on drums Senri Kawaguchi and on keys Akira Ishiguro. There will be 2 shows each day and they will sell out fast.
March 5th and 6th, 4 shows in the Cotton Club Tokyo with on bass Mohini dey, on drums Senri Kawaguchi 川口千里 - Drummer and on keys Akira Ishiguro. Get your tickets for these shows soon because these 4 shows will sell out fast.


A reminder for the people in Greece, France and Italy. Here are the dates for February and early March.
January 20th – Athens (Greece) – Athina Live – show/special guest with Yiorgos Fakanas Group
January 21st – Athens (Greece) – Athina Live – show/special guest with Yiorgos Fakanas Group
January 22nd – Bovisio Masciago/Monza (Italy) – Music Factory Academy clinic
January 23rd – Torino...
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Special appearance with YFG in Athens January 20 & 21.
Another show date in India will be announced soon! Also will be visiting Bangladesh for the very first time to hold a guitar clinic.
Bryan Beller is still looking for his stolen basses. If you are out in California or US, keep your eyes open in local pawnshops and music stores.All help is needed!

STILL LOOKING FOR STOLEN ITEMS: Hello again everyone. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for the reaction to the "Storage Wars" post and I'l say more about that below. Right now I wanted to get this one-page document out into the...
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Another show has been added in India. Guthrie Govan, Mohini dey & Gino Banks Official will play' Insomnia 2017 in Mohali.- Insomnia, IISER Mohali
- for more information -
Tickets are selling fast, most shows will be sold out soon. Do not hesitate to get yours. Other dates in India are:
Feb. 13 - Bangalore FSM (clinic) SOLD OUT
Feb. 14 - Bangalore The Humming Tree (show) SOLD OUT
Feb. 15 -...
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The clinics in Mumbai and Bangalore are sold out. There still some seats available in Delhi. Soon some more news about extra Indian live shows in the North & North-east.

Workshop by Guthrie Govan Delhi – HighFurtados

Events coming up this January in Greece, France and Italy.
A special appearance in Greece and clinics In Italy & France
Mumbai 8 more tickets and Bangalore only 1 still available!!
In the clinic Guthrie will play some tunes, will tell you about his life as a musician and there is time for a Q&A. Great session, to sit down and listen and a group photo.
[ Highfurtados.com Link ]
[ Highfurtados.com Link ]
[ Highfurtados.com Link ]

Workshop by Guthrie Govan Delhi – HighFurtados

** STOLEN GEAR ** People in California and surrounding States. Bryan Beller's gear has been stolen from his storage unit. Please share on your pages and help him recover his instruments. All your help is needed!
March 2017, a couple of special live shows in Tokyo, Japan.
More news soon.
It's time for some captions again...
Upcoming shows and clinics in India.
See the events for more information.
Guthrie Govan Asia Tour Dates February / March 2017
India (with Mohini Dey (b), Gino Banks(d))
Feb. 13 - Bangalore FSM (clinic)
Feb. 14 - Bangalore The Humming Tree (show)
Feb. 15 - Pune HRC (show)
Feb. 16 - Mumbai HRC Worli (show)
Feb. 17 - Mumbai FSM (clinic)
Feb. 19 - Guwahati ITA Machkowa (show)
Feb. 21 - Delhi FSM...
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