Upcoming shows with Hans Zimmer
An article that appeared in the local Bangladeshi newspaper after the Dhaka concert.

Experiencing Guthrie Govan in Dhaka

Next big tour coming up with Hans Zimmer across USA, Australia and New Zealand and Europe the coming 5 months. Check all dates on hanszimmerlive.com
The shows in the Cotton Club were a blast.
Thanks Cotton Club for your hospitality!
4th set in an hour in Cotton Club. Kyoji Yamamoto and Tetsuo Sakurai in the crowd.
Tonight another two sets in Cotton Club Tokyo with Mohini Dey, Senri Kawaguchi and Akira Akira Ishiguro
Cotton Club Tokyo tonight and tomorrow night with Senri Kawaguchi, Mohini Dey and Akira Akira Ishiguro.
We arrived in Japan. Senri Kawaguchi and Akira Ishiguro join us for 2 nights in the Cotton Club Tokyo.
Some photos from the past India dates for your enjoyment.
Next live shows in Tokyo Japan March 5 and 6 with Mohini Dey, Senri Kawaguchi and Akira Ishiguro.

Guthrie Govan, Mohini Dey, Senri Kawaguchi, Akira Ishiguro

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It was a great 8 shows tour with Gino Banks and Mohini Dey in India and Bangladesh.
Thank you Dhaka
Last gig with Mohini and Gino together.
Selfie by Kris Claerhout
Dhaka tonight at 8PM
Goodbye India. Thank you Mohali for your patience. On the way to Bangladesh with Gino Banks and Mohini Dey.
Insomnia Mohali today 7PM.
People of India there are still tour t-shirts available through this link.
[ Redwolf.in Link ]

Guthrie Govan Official T-shirts | India Tour 2017 | Redwolf

Channeling for the next shows in India.
Thank you all 750 people in Guwahati