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Guy Leech Fitness
12/07/2016 at 01:51. Facebook
More than happy to put my name & my money behind INAMO!
Technology meets Lifestyle!
The first product - CURL.
Check out the article!

Tired of Transport for NSW, entrepreneur puts Opal on his watchband

Guy Leech Fitness
12/05/2016 at 23:38. Facebook
Go Yoda!
Guy Leech Fitness
12/03/2016 at 01:52. Facebook
Little steps!
Here's a routine to try to start the the week off!
One of these then an hour workout to follow!
Harsh but fair in some cases..
Share this video if you want to help with the prevention of drowning across our pools in Aust.
I am the Ambassador for "No Drown Town" week in Aust.
28th Nov to 4th Dec...


Eat up!
Get your mind working for you & the skies the limit!
If you have ever had a back problem - then this could be good for you!
I don't think there's many of us that hasn't!!!
Nothing like paddling with whales & dolphins during a paddle session!
3 whales & over 30 dolphins made the experience one to remember!
Work the cardio & the mid section!
Give it a go..
Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle illness effecting too many Australians.
It can be preventable by eating well & exercising!
Nearly 100 new people a day are effected by Type2 diabetes.
Unless people change there attitudes to being healthier this lifestyle disease will become an epidemic!
I aim proud to be the Fitness Ambassador for DA in Aust.
[ Diabetesaustralia.com.au Link ]


Love it!
Harsh but fair!
A great ab workout but be careful if you have any lower back issues.
Good advice for all of the parents out there!
Move over meatballs, these turmeric chicken bites are perfect served with salad for you, while your baby or toddler can eat them as finger food. They're a great way to introduce any little ones in the house to new flavours like turmeric, coriander and ginger. If you own a #thermomix, they're especially simple. Recipe at . Enjoy! #2birds1cook #nourish #eatwelllivewell
100 different exercises you can do without any equipment.

Give them a go over the weekend!