Want to use the beach for a workout?
Well check one of my own!!!

Saturday Morning Workout: Guy Leech’s Ultimate Beach Circuit

Get Shit done!
We all get 168hrs in a week.
How are you going to use your time?
The Ultimate AB Workout Chart...
Find ways to exercise that keeps it interesting & fun!
It's the secret to longevity with exercising!
Like he said!
Check out the great initiative by the Clontarf Beach residence in purchasing a defibrillator for their street!
Defibs save lives!

Celebrity Traveller: Guy Leech - Talking Travel - Omny.fm

Be careful with what your thinking!
You are the sum of your beliefs!
Role Model!!!
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Here's 8 ab exercises to hit all the spots.
Be careful if you have lower back problems.
Awesomeness is just a couple of decisions away!
Let's get our head in the right space in 2017!
More than happy to put my name & my money behind INAMO!
Technology meets Lifestyle!
The first product - CURL.
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Tired of Transport for NSW, entrepreneur puts Opal on his watchband

Go Yoda!
Little steps!