Nothing like the classics on a picnic! ☀
GYG smiles all the way from #GYGWorldSquare! Enjoy your weekend! ✌
Cheers to Friday. Come and celebrate the weekend at Guzman y Gomez!
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Australia is the third-fastest growing Vegan market in the world! And at Guzman y Gomez you can customise any menu item to be #Vegan or #Vegetarian!
Burritos are life!
Taking over the world. GYG Singapore!
Find your rainbow at Guzman y Gomez!
Quoting #GYGHero @iiamwings "if my mum was right and you really do turn into something if you eat it too much, I'm sure it's not long until I become one big god damn burrito"
Take me to this happy place! who's in for dinner at Guzman y Gomez?
If you ever wondered about our cool interior design, have a read through this article... :)

The Interior Scoop Guzman Y Gomez
Our Free Range chicken is marinated in GYG's special "Guerrero marinade" and char-grilled fresh. Who doesn't feel like a chicken burrito right now?
Our founders, Steven & Robert grew up in New York and were surrounded and inspired by Mexican food and Latin culture. In 2006, they discovered that Latin culture was barely present in Australia - and that moment, Guzman y Gomez was born! #daboys #legends
Geisha x Guzman y Gomez = Heaven
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Guzman y Gomez will watch your bikes!
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Some girls just like TACOS. some like BURRITOS. Whilst others like TACOS & BURRITOS. Some boys ❤ BURRITOS, others can't think about anything other than TACOS & there are those that relish both & a few who really like SALADS. There are some who identify more with BURRITOS than TACOS & some the other way round. Some like hot & spicy whilst others stick to mild. All just like it fresh & in their...
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#tbt We're throwing it back to when our founder was tasting chillies in Tapachula, Mexico! Always in the search for the best ingredients!
Happy International Women's Day
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That corn chip!!
Our corn chips are cut from our own corn tortilla recipe, they contain a little more moisture to give it bubbles and imperfections that make them extra crispy and delicious! #gygcornchips #gygnachos
Who was the clever little burrito who created this? Selena Gomez