Last few sessions before Europe's Strongest Man 2017! 250x3 for 3 sets in my deload. I also trained Super Yoke 350kg just for speed today. I have 2 sessions left then just rest and plenty of food and water!! #EuropesStrongestMan2017
Easy axle today with 160kg's @stefansolvi trying to hold me back!! #nonononono
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@ari_gunnarsson_ with 80kg up to 160kg! Looking strong and ready for this season!! #ThorsPowerGym @thorspowergym @thorspowergym @thorspowergym
11 days to go - the countdown has begun!

Check out my friend's Greta Salóme new music video! She asked to join me in a little training session and then showed up with a camera crew! Which resulted in this. Enjoy!

Greta Salóme - My Blues feat. The Mountain (Official Music Video)

Official music video for Greta Salóme 'My Blues', featuring Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson from Game Of Thrones (Gregor Clegane) Spotify: iT...

Congratulation @gunninelson and his whole team for a amazing win tonight!! what a night! #AframIsland
2 weeks out. Preparation for Europes Strongest Man 2017. Training Car Walk!

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Jumped on a plane over to England today and trained with these great men of strength!
#ESM2017 - Get your tickets now while they are still not sold out!
Dry aged T-Bones about hit the grill!!
Here's 182kg axle from today.
My third axle training since I came home from the Arnold's 6days ago. Today I hit 192kg/423lbs quite easily. I've been trying my new mouthpiece I got from my friends at @getnewage and feel it's very helpful! I encourage you to try it as well and if you do use my code THOR15 at

@gymgrossisten @roguefitness @sbdapparel @gloiceland @hafid_fiskverslun @kvosinhotel
Axle is feeling better and better. More weights next week. Not long until ESM! @sbdapparel
Stone training New Age Performance
Here it is!
International Review of Spirits 2017
Icelandic Mountain Vodka received the Gold Medal!
It´s true what Hafthor says...
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