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Not only do we take the load off of your shoulders, we do it delicately too !

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Which refrigerator would suit your kitchen ?
a) French door
b) Side by Side
c) Bottom Mount

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With an impressive 1200 rpm Spin Selection, the spin cycle speed can be adjusted by you. This allows you to take extra care of special textiles.
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Keeping healthy is a not an issue with the HRF-521DM6’s large vegetable box which provides more space to store fruits and vegetables. #HigherLiving
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Your dryer can go anywhere in your home with a condenser. No need to worry about steam and venting, just simply empty out a container that collects the evaporated water.
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Ideal for storing cooked food and Pizza upto 70 cm long. Temperature in this drawer can be adjusted within -2 Degree Celsius to -3 Degrees Celsius [ Ow.ly Link ] #HigherLiving
Two distinct temperature zones allow you to store your red and white wines together at their perfect temperatures.
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Select the time you want your washing to finish. This function allows you to manage your washing around your needs and to take advantage of off-peak energy costs.
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The MyZone is an independently controlled compartment that can become either a Fridge (up to +5°C) or Freezer ( down to -18°C). You have 37 litres of storage to be converted according to your needs. [ Ow.ly Link ] #HigherLiving
The Haier Group is the world’s No. 1 Major Appliances brand with consumers in over 100 countries worldwide. Introduce #HigherLiving into your home with our refrigeration, freezers and home laundry appliances.
Anti-UV Glass Door UV rays are not a friend to your wine. Thanks to the anti-UV filtered glass door, your wines are protected against unwanted light. This enables the aging process to naturally take place and reduces the redox potential. [ Haier.com Link ]
The design of the high quality drum creates waves of water to take better care of your textiles, avoiding any damages while giving the maximum washing performance: [ Ow.ly Link ] #HigherLiving
The HRF-521DM6 Side by Side Fridge boasts Spill-Proof Shelves. The intelligently designed tempered glass shelves create a real barrier to prevent any liquid spilled from flowing onto shelves and food below. Cleaning up spills is a breeze: [ Ow.ly Link ]

The wine cellar’s compressor has a system that neutralises micro vibrations and noise that are harmful to your wine: [ Haier.com Link ]
The Smart Dual Spray function on the Haier HW80-BD1626 removes all fibres usually blocked in the gasket after usage resulting in fluff-free washing.
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The Haier HRF-628IF6 has a 565 Gross Capacity, ideal if you have a large family. #HigherLiving

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Need help with your Haier appliance or want to know where to find your nearest supplier? Email service@haierza.co.za or call 0860 HAIER O (424376). #HigherLiving
The Haier HW80-BD1626 is a feature-packed, premium family sized washing machine with everything a family could want plus more, including an exceptional A+++ (-40%) energy rating: [ Ow.ly Link ]

The Haier WS49GDB wine cellar is perfect for Summer.
The wine cellars are equipped with a hygrometer providing and ideal environment without excess humidity and dryness than can alter the preservation of your wines.
It also boasts an Active Carbon Filter necessary to maintain clean air inside your wine cellar. Shop here: [ Ow.ly Link ]
The Haier DW12-TFE3, with its Triple A Class efficiency rating also has an Intense Programme that is Ideal for dishes that require intensive washing.
Shop now: [ Haier.com Link ] #HigherLiving