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It's FREE worldwide shipping all this weekend. Shop with before Sunday 22nd and you won't pay a bob in postage anywhere, Canada, Merika even Leitrim!
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If M is for Massive and L is for Langer, you can imagine what the rest of the alphabet is.
Introducing our new Irish Alphabet Mugs as only we could do them!

What does your initial stand for? Click link to see all: [ Link ]
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Want them all!
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Irish pride
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We're looking for an experienced and good craic web graphic designer. Is that you or do you know of someone? Click here for details.

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We've got Free worldwide shipping if you purchase any kids or baby tee from today only!
Worth a look, some deadly tees there for the yung'uns
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There's some very important questions us Irish need answers to

Who Said Mass?
Did You Turn Off The Immersion?
What time d'ya call this?
Few Scoops?
Any Chance Of A Hang Sanger?
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Martial Arts Movies, Irish style!

New tee now in stock.
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We've got FREE shipping on all orders before midnight tonight + our €10 off Hoodie Sale ends at midnight too. Grab a snug hoodie, they're lovely so they are.

Hoodie Sale - Ends Midnight
Good news at HB, we're growing and we're looking for a web graphic designer to join the team here in Cork. Experience is essential but all the details can be found at the link.
Please share and let's create jobs. Thanks a mil.

Quick wan! Our €10 off all Hoodies offer ends tomorrow. Grab one now, they're fierce snug and it's baltic out at the moment. We don't want you to catch yer death now!
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My Uncle/Auntie Is a legend custom printed tees.

Let everyone know your legendary status through the best medium possible, the brother/sisters kids :)

Find them here: [ Link ]
**New Product Alert**

Coming soon to HairyBaby, new 12"x12" canvas prints. They'll make any wall look good Ted.
Sat down to watch Pat Shortts new movie The Flag last night and what's staring back at me in the opening sequence when he opens his wardrobe but a HB classic tee. Fair play.
We've not quite made the movies yet but that'll do for a start!
They said the blue bit rubs out biro!
Yeah, if by 'rubs out' they meant tears your page to shreds.
It's getting fierce cowld lads. There's a icey snap on the way so better wrap up fast and we've got just the job. €10 off all our super comfy hoodies right now, that'll keep you toasty.


Lads Jene Byrne says we're in for a fierce cold snap this next few days and we've just confirmed it with Gerry the winking weatherman too. Good job then that we have €10 off all our super snug hoodies right now. Click image for full range.

Super Snug Hoodie Sale
New addition to our Shtar Wars range. Flan Solo Cakes & Buns.
A new addition to our Shtar Wars tees.

Flan Solo, Cakes & Buns - I'm In It For The Dough!

Special introductory price of €15 today only (08/01/16).

Shtar Wars not Star Wars | T-Shirts Inspired by the movies | Irish Humour

How I like Mine custom print mugs with brewing instructions. Never have a bad cuppa made for you again....or have yerman in the office use your mug.

Funny Irish Mugs | Work Coffee Mugs | Personalised Mugs