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Did you get your hands on a pack of gravy chips in 2008? Are they treasured in a glass cabinet under lock and key? Or, like Hamish, did you give up trying to preserve them after one week and eat them?
Hamish & Andy
01/20/2017 at 06:45. Facebook
We invited Diddy, Paris Hilton and Bob Saget into our gang, but only one of them join us...
Fun Fact: Bob remains one of the highest ranking Gangaroos worldwide.
Hamish & Andy
01/19/2017 at 05:00. Facebook
Fun Fact: I would later become a dad! (Spoiler alert). - Hamish
Hamish & Andy
01/18/2017 at 04:30. Facebook
From Cocklebiddy to Iron Knob, we hugged all the great and sometimes inappropriately named Australian towns…
Hamish & Andy
01/17/2017 at 05:00. Facebook
Fun Fact: Hamish has well maintained his terrible navigational skills and snoring habits since 2007.
Andy’s mum helps him pick what adult magazine to use at the Sperm Bank…

Fun Fact: I still have it stored there to this day - Andy
While we work on a TV show for the next little while, our radio history will be revisited for your drive home. 10 Years In 10 Weeks will start on today's show, looking back at 2007. The year we parented these two young girls for a week (Who, now, would be old enough to have a job and drive a car. No thanks to the wisdom imparted by us as 25 year old, immature dads.)
Our band performs only one song per show with a rotating frontman, so it’s smart to have a backup song if the frontman cancels...
#WorldsFirstEntireBandJump in slow motion
Not often does your frontman perform with you, then quit the band and immediately play their own music straight after. Still, we salute you Guy Sebastian.
Watch Layla fire an egg out her loot chute, into the crowd!!! #OurGenerationsPluckaDuck
World’s First Entire Band Jump!!! #CoolBoysAndTheFrontman
Cool Boys And The Frontman LIVE from Byron Bay Beach Hotel!
After a beautiful moment of The Temper Trap playing Sweet Disposition.
Byron Bay we're ready for you! Turn your radio up!!
As a rockstar, when you don't have a TV to smash you get on a TV show and smash everyone's TVs through your rock vibes ⚡
Tired of his complaining, last night Andy showed Jack how to jump in skates, having never done it before himself.
We're ready for you Byron Bay!! Last show on tour, and last radio show of the year... today 4pm
That photo of Jack doing a jump at last night's show that caused so much tension in the band. Can he do it tomorrow in skates? We believe he can.
The Wiggles covered AC/DC with us! And that wasn't even the craziest thing that happened during the show...