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Andy’s bee beard was so avant-garde in 2012. Fashionistas expect it won’t be until 2020 when hipsters catch on.
Hamish & Andy
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Handling one of the world’s deadliest snake is important to get right, so whatever you do, don’t do what Hamish did...
Back when face-morph technology was exciting and new, we did what anyone would... become Kylie Minogue!
Hamish & Andy
02/21/2017 at 05:45. Facebook
Making friends in Russia was difficult, so we did what any enthusiastic Aussies would - strip down to our undies and ice bath with a local. #IceBreaker
Hamish & Andy
02/20/2017 at 21:13. Facebook
Want an access all areas look at the filming of our new TV show, courtesy of the head honcho himself, Hamish ‘TV CEO’ Blake? ...Of course you do! #Exclusive #Glamorous #BossOnSet
Hamish & Andy
02/20/2017 at 07:09. Facebook
As Tesla were advancing sustainable transportation in 2012, Hamish was too! Proving here, his roller suit is much faster than a granny! ...And his closet rival, Speedy McBlue Suit.
Red Bull may be the energy drink of choice now days, but in the far gone year of 2011, Steven Seagal’s Lightning Bolt dominated the world!!
We're making TV!!!! Nah, other people are and we're just watching it on smaller TV's. But it will be a show by some time around mid-year. Hope people are enjoying #10yearsin10weeks, it's over in 5 weeks, coincidentally just in time for us to finish this and return to live shows. It's so weird how life just works out sometimes.
The recent hit TV show West World, was actually based on our journey; pioneering the experience of our wildest wild west fantasies.

Fun fact: Hamish hasn't dressed as his sensitive alter-ego Beatrice ‘Soft-touch’ Betty, since Andy broke his heart that day by shooting him in the face.
The end of 2011 all mounted to this one moment… could Hamish loose enough weight to be tramp-legal and successfully backflip in a leopard leotard?

*The leopard leotard wasn’t really necessary.
With the help of some rather unconventional moves (and being the ONLY ONE to compete in the heavyweight division) Hamish became the 2011 New York State Bodybuilding Champion!
Hamish thought he’d better understand a ninja bear if he was a wizard wearing racing goggles. It didn’t work, and while we still don't know his reasoning, that’s fine, as not a lot else made sense that day Larping (Live Action Role Playing) in the wilderness of America.
Hamish making a wig from his own mullet wasn’t the weirdest thing to happen in 2011… it was a groomsman and teacher hiring it out!
Our mate Ryan Shelton has a funny new short series called 'How To Life’. Here he is with his “loving” family. But even though Hamish is clearly the favourite son, it doesn't stop Ryan from giving some really interesting (terrible) life advice.
It’s hard to believe that 80’s rocker, Frank Stallone (Sylvester’s brother), took 45 years to break Australia. But when he did, we were there to be his tour promoters.
Wearing gentlemanly hats won't take away the fact that there is a falcon swooping some raw meat out of Andy’s bum.
Bollywood is actually bigger than Hollywood, that’s why Andy said no to being Batman, and we hit the big screen in India.
We help Ed Sheeran find the best way to angle his latest gig to make it international news...
The photo Ed Sheeran shows us of before he lost 25kg, isn’t nearly as surprising as his suggestion to release a fitness DVD with Hamish...
One weekend we joined 24 social teams in an ultimate sporting marathon. We were probably helpful to less than 10% of the teams.