Hand of Hope
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You helped put this smile on her face…thank you!
Hand of Hope
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When we come together there is nothing we can't accomplish. Join us! joycemeyer.org/partnership #partnership #handofhope
Hand of Hope
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Antananarivo, Madagascar: Thousands of children in this impoverished city regularly search for shelter in tunnels and wherever they can find safety from those who want to harm them. But on this amazing day, at our first-ever Children's Festival, more than 41,000 kids laughed, played, ate, heard the Gospel and felt valued and loved.
Hand of Hope
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Rajamma is just one of almost 700 leprosy patients in India who are being cared for as we clean their wounds, feed them, provide care for their children and even bury them when they pass away. We partner with Embrace a Village to share the love of Christ with these beautiful people who are considered society's untouchables.
Hand of Hope
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Our medical mission team is heading to Uganda today for our 85th medical missions trip and 4th trip to Uganda. Please keep our team and all the patients they will treat in your prayers!
Hand of Hope
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These plates will feed some of the 2,350 children we feed on a regular basis in Madagascar. Thank you to our partners for making this possible!
Hand of Hope
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Heart For Lebanon shares the love of Christ with hundreds of Iraqi refugee families every month through feeding programs, women's Bible studies and children's outreaches.
Hand of Hope
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Joyce loving on some of the children at the St. Louis Dream Center!
At Grace House in Lima, Peru, young women receive help and healing from abuse, eating disorders, depression and other emotional and physical issues they face. Using Joyce's teachings as a curriculum, they relate to her testimony and discover how much God loves them.
We brought hope and eased the pain in Madagascar through your support!
Because of our partners we've been able to support 23 water well projects in Peru!
Dave & Joyce visit with residents of our Gabrielle House in 2012.
Learn how you can be a part of all we are doing around the world! joycemeyer.org/partnership

Joyce Meyer Ministries|Partnership

We love being able to share the hope of Christ with women around the world!
Bringing hope to the people of Saint Louis through the St. Louis Dream Center!
Because of our friends and partners we were able to serve over 2.2 million meals in India last year!
Last year we were able to serve over 1.2 million meals in Mozambique.
Zanab was in school while her parents were at home. She came home to see that everything had been destroyed and her parents were killed. She has since made her way to a refugee camp in Thessaloniki, Greece. Our friends and partners have allowed us to partner with ministries like A21 to help meet the practical needs of refugees like Zanab.
Dave & Joyce pray with people in Cambodia during a 2012 trip.
Through our Well of Life projects, we can bring clean water & the gospel to remote places!