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"The Curse of Hunger for Crawling Things. I f**king hate that one."
"How do you best kill a witch?"
Careful, there's a Blood Moon out tonight...
"My name is Gretel, and this is my brother Hansel. We kill witches."
"And we haven't stopped since."
"I go by many names - none of which you're worthy of pronouncing."
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“I wanted the vibe of the original fairy tale but I also wanted to spice it with all the things I love most in movies – comedy, horror and graphic action.” - director Tommy Wirkola
Whether you're a witch or witch hunter, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
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"Some people say that not all witches are evil, that their powers could be used for good. I say burn them all!"
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Gretel: "She looks angry"
Hansel: "Yea. With a face like that I'd be angry too."
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"We kill witches. What do you do?"
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Happy #NationalSiblingsDay! what kind of adventures did you have with your brother or sister?