Today "Happy Pets" celebrates the International Animation Day. And will you celebrate it? Do you know any other days which commemorate animation?
How do you decorate your rooms? "Happy Pets" loves flowers :)
How many pets do you have? "Happy Pets" has five wonderful cats!
Train your pets by playing with toys, gain special training points and unlock funny tricks!
Don't forget to use your Daily Spin in Piggy Bank!
In "Happy Pets" you can grow different flowers in your garden. Do you like flowers? What is your favourite flower?
Note >> While loading the game, try to play a pet piano!
Don't forget to feed your cute pets!
It is very important to play with your pets. You not only level up their happiness, but also gain Training points.
Friends, what pets do you have in real life? What are their names? Tell us in comment below.
Gain experience by using a laser pen! Play with pets and level up their happiness!
And what is your favourite pet in "Happy pets"?
Your pets like to have a walk! Don't forget to take them outside so they meet new friends!
Nice tip for you! ==>
When you reach new level, don't forget to share it with your friends and discuss what you have already achieved in the game!
Never miss an opportunity to spin the wheel of luck and get prizes!
Never forget to buy food for your favourite little ones!
Do you remember your first pets in the game? What were their names? Did you have a puppy or a kitten?