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Make sure to match the colors of Apple with the Deluxe Edition from Happy Plugs
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Happy Plugs
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Color Trivia
BLUE is the color of strength & courage, positivity & hope. They say that’s the reason why the princesses in Disney wear blue dresses
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We believe that life gets happier when you add a little color to it. So today we're celebrating the international Color Day by offering you 30% off on our Happy Color Collection (Earbud Plus, In-Ear, iPhone 6/6 plus Case, iPhone 7 Case & Micro-Usb Charge Cable).

Use the code: “colorday” at the checkout at happyplugs.com,
Valid for 24Hr.
Have a HAPPY day!
Happy Plugs
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Today is International Happiness Day, so let’s celebrate! ✨
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Our weekly favorite goes to the lovely @christelleoja
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Dear Saturday, you are my favourite ✨
Pink vibes via @sitiology #happyplugs
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Hello Friday!✨
@iazalia is sharing her love for marble #happyplugs
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We’ve teamed up with our friends at @makeupstore for an fantastic colorful giveaway.
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Yellow is the color of happiness and optimism and it is the best color to create enthusiasm for life. As a yellow person you’re a smart dresser and always dress to impress. Wanna know more about the fascinating world of yellow, visit our blog
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Get inspired by YELLOW - Happy Plugs - Designed in Sweden - What Color Are You Today?

Color trivia
Yellow is the color of happiness, & optimism, of enlightenment & creativity, sunshine & spring. We think that small pieces of yellow easily can brighten up your day
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Sunday, the best day of the week ✨
Pretty pic via @ardaisy_
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Make this weekend pop like pink Champagne
Happy photo via @jeanetelife
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Run like there’s a hot guy in front of you and a creepy one behind you
pink vibes via @fashionablefit
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Get inspired by PINK - Happy Plugs - Designed in Sweden - What Color Are You Today?

Color Trivia
The color PINK stands for unconditional love, romance & friendship. That’s three of our favourite things. #whatcolorareyourtoday #happyplugs
Our weekly favorite goes to the awesome @glammama.sg who showed us her fav pink #happyplugs headphone
Who's up for some sweets this Saturday
Colorful photo via @littlemissmay #happyplugs #cake #love
We welcome spring with open arms. March is the month of color, we think it’s time to get out of the darkness and into the light. Let’s do this.
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I’m nicer when I like my outfit
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