03/23/2017 at 18:05. Facebook
Dip in! Make a HARIBO fondue!
03/21/2017 at 17:04. Facebook
Only the berry best!
Better than gold, there are Sour Gold-Bears at the end of the ! How many Sour Gold-Bears does it take to fill the cauldron? Tell us and we’ll write your name in gummies!
Some people get green with envy. We get green with yummy!
Be sure to stock up on your midnight snacks.
Kids say the darndest things. What do you say when you eat HARIBO?
When you eat HARIBO, does your inner child come out to play?
When the world is at your fingertips...
Here are five reasons today is going to be delicious. What’s your favorite flavor to sweeten up your day?
Apple and cherry and watermelon oh my! Our three limited edition flavors are real tastemakers! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Gold-Bears are sweet on you.
Gold-Bearrito! Yes please!
Keep your eyes peeled for our ‘sweet’ new TV spot: Your inner child will jump for joy!
Sour but still so sweet.
We've got a new commercial coming out, here's a sneak peek! How does HARIBO make your meetings fun?
This species of T-Rex is so yummy, he is sure to become extinct soon too!
Happy Valentine’s Day! There’s a lot of to go around today. Tell us how many Gold-Bears are in the box and you’ll get a virtual bear hug (plus we’ll write your name in Gold-Bears!)
Give something sweet to your sweetheart ❤ They’ll be bear-y bear-y happy!