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Keep your eyes peeled for our ‘sweet’ new TV spot: Your inner child will jump for joy!
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Sour but still so sweet.
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We've got a new commercial coming out, here's a sneak peek! How does HARIBO make your meetings fun?
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This species of T-Rex is so yummy, he is sure to become extinct soon too!
Happy Valentine’s Day! There’s a lot of to go around today. Tell us how many Gold-Bears are in the box and you’ll get a virtual bear hug (plus we’ll write your name in Gold-Bears!)
Give something sweet to your sweetheart ❤ They’ll be bear-y bear-y happy!
You could say love is our ‘bag.’
All things Valentine’s, all in one yummy place.
Have your Gold-Bears, and eat them too!
Apple or Watermelon or Cherry ? Try all three and let us know which is your favorite! Cast your vote here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Treat yourself.
Gold-Bears of any color look good with gold. ✨
Gummy Gold-Bear goodness! Guess how many Gold-Bears are in the gumball machine for a chance to get your name written in HARIBO.
Even Gold-Bears love a powder day! ❄
All-purpose Gold-Bears!
Spoonful of happiness.
There is no such thing as too many.
We all scream for HARIBO ice cream!
We don’t have to tell you: Gold-Bears are works of art!