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Rock N Roll artists Bob Dylan and Rob Lowe reflect on the life of musician and guitarist, Chuck Berry, who died at the age of 90.

The Life and Legacy of Chuck Berry: Rock N Roll Pioneer - AARP

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A group of Americans on vacation in Cancun, Mexico were slammed by a Mexican newspaper late last week after they chanted “Build the wall!” while on a tourist ship.

American spring break revelers chant Trump’s ‘build the wall’ while partying in Cancun: report

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D.C. police are searching for a critical missing 10-year-old girl from the District.

10-year-old DC girl missing

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Happy 60th birthday to Spike Lee!!

Brother, you have been impacting the culture of this country, and the world, for decades on end! THANK YOU!

Hope you have an amazing day.
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Plan to attend the Harlem Fashion Week: Business Symposium, on March 25th, 2017, as featured in Vogue Italia, Yahoo Style + Beauty, Time Out New York, Racked, Fashion Week Online.
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Mr. Berry was rock’s master theorist and conceptual genius, a songwriter who understood what the kids wanted before they did themselves.

Chuck Berry Dies at 90; Helped Define Rock ’n’ Roll

There is no mention in the budget of any federal investment in scholarships, technology or campus infrastructure that leaders requested.

White House courting of HBCUs ends with disappointing budget