Harris Mania
03/22/2017 at 08:47. Facebook
#VanaMagan Trailer launch at the #IIFA Hyderabad 28th march @editoranthony @sayyeshaa @Jharrisjayaraj god bless
Session with my Vaseegara player "Mandolin Seenu". @Vanamagan
How Many Of U are Going To Watch #Si3 Fdfs ?
#Vanamagan First look! This is gonna be one helluva action love story with loads of entertainment! God bless us
Combo is back
As scheduled #சி3From26JanuaryWorldwide !
Cafe, beach இலும் - கனவிலே
கோட்டைக் கட்டினோம்
facebook wall இலும் - எங்கள்
கொள்கை தீட்டினோம்

Netril Potril ko song HD

Gautham Menon, Suriya, Harris, Hari and GnanavelRaja at StudioH :)
A lot of celebs came to wish @Jharrisjayaraj on his birthday and to get a peek of his #StudioH, a creation of his passion for music.