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Louis Armstrong; another pioneer of an era, and a man who bought a dynamic to his shows still not seen today...hear the influences of Louis on my #kingsofvegas #loungesessions tour starting #May5 at the Palms at @crownresorts #Melbourne.
Tickets are like hot cakes, so get in while you can harrisoncraig.com.au/tour/
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Nat King Cole; the greatest. Growing up with an international icon in my living room was the best kind of childhood I could have had. See me perform some never-before-seen Nat King Cole songs live on stage for my #loungesessions National Tour... tickets are only a click away! harrisoncraig.com.au/tour/ #harrisoncraig #vegas
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Bobby Darin; an icon of an industry, hit maker, and a history maker. Years after his songs have debuted on the airwaves, I still regard them as some of the best songs ever written or recorded. Here's to Mr Darin! And here's to #kingsofvegas #loungesessions!
Tickets are going fast! harrisoncraig.com.au/tour/
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What a day. Standing side by side before the iconic @scuderiaferrari go in for pole position today! Go #ferrari! #forzaferrari @ Formula One Australian Grand Prix - Albert Park
Harrison Craig
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Tony Bennett; an icon of 90 years, and a shining beacon of jazz, swing, and all things cool. Often regarded as 'the best' by Sinatra, Tony and Frank have walked the walk and talked the talk to stand up against the might of #Vegas and indeed the world. Tony helped inspire the creation of the #kingsofvegas as did he for my national tour the #loungesessions. Make sure you get tickets, quick!...
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There's so many things I think this illustration could be saying, but I'll have to save what it IS saying until 'Harrison's Song' launches in June! @wombat_books #harrisonssong #dream #book Ann-Marie Finn Illustrations

Get your copy on order early! harrisoncraig.com.au/harrisons-song/
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Another 'behind the scenes' illustration from my new book! They sure look like they're having fun, don't they? #harrisonssong #wombatbooks #amfillustrations @wombat_books #book #dream
Harrison Craig
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Today, and this weekend, I want to take you behind the scenes; to show you not only the ideas and memories behind 'Harrison's Song' but also through the creative process of bringing emotion to every page, and meaning to every word. The talents of Ann-Marie Finn Illustrations drew this image, and to me, it showcases one of the many powerful emotions we go through together in my book......
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Wayne Newton; 25,000 shows in #LasVegas and counting... a true embodiment of what it takes to make it, hear Wayne's biggest hit 'Danke Schoen' on my #loungesessions national tour....
Playing near you, tickets here! --> harrisoncraig.com.au/tour/ #harrisoncraig #Vegas
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Andy Williams; one of the greatest to ever grace the music industry. His silky tones and smooth-as-glass showmanship won audiences over around the world.
A big influence of mine, come and share a moment with Andy and I at my #loungesessions national tour... #harrisoncraig #Vegas
Harrison Craig
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It's exciting to be sharing my new book, #harrisonssong with you... the talented Ann-Marie Finn Illustrations drew this sketch. Just wait until you see all of the other amazing illustrations! @wombat_books #harrisoncraig #wombatbooks #amfillustrations
Tom Jones; The Welsh Weapon, and one that continues to rock #Vegas to this day. Tom's voice anywhere is unmistakable, especially his world-wide smash hit, 'She's A Lady', which you can hear on my new album, AND my #loungesessions national #tour... ✈

Tickets here!
#kingsofvegas #TomJones
Frankie Valli; Las Vegas royalty and a timeless crooner, Frankie inspired my version of "My Eyes Adored You". It's beauty and passion are unparalleled. Hear it at my #loungesessions #tour! #harrisoncraig #kingsofvegas

Tickets available here!
Presley; an icon of music, style, and a pioneer of anything he set his sights on. Growing up with #TheKing and his music, expect to see moments that only he could help me to create... #theloungesessions #harrisoncraig

Tickets still available: harrisoncraig.com.au/tour/
Sammy Davis Jr; loveable and fierce, talented and remarkable. A true crooner, he pioneered the swing and jazz scene alone, as well as by the side of Sinatra and Martin. Sammy is a massive part of my story and emotion in #theloungesessions #tour... #harrisoncraig #kingsofvegas
Sinatra; Chairman of the Board and one who commands any stage he walks on, Sinatra helped shape my #kingsofvegas album and he's a big part of my #loungesessions national tour... #harrisoncraig

See where I'm playing near you! harrisoncraig.com.au/tour/
Deano; a member of the MOST exclusive club in the world. His expression is almost as exciting as mine as we approach 6 weeks until #theloungesessions #tour begins... #harrisoncraig #kingsofvegas
My new book 'Harrison's Song' is coming to life! - what's your favourite image I've posted from the book so far?

#harrisonssong #harrisoncraig #wombatbooks #amfillustrations @wombat_books
My new children's book, 'Harrison's Song' is on it's way! Did you know you can read about it on my website?
harrisoncraig.com.au/harrisons-song/ #harrisonssong #harrisoncraig #wombatbooks #amfillustrations Ann-Marie Finn Illustrations Wombat Books
FINALLY! So excited to officially announce the release of my new children's picture book, 'Harrison's Song'!
Please join me as I share a story that's straight from my heart
#harrisonssong #wombatbooks #amfillustrations #harrisoncraig Wombat Books Ann-Marie Finn Illustrations