How to Repair a Work Relationship #HBRLive
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Get a new hire up to speed more quickly by going beyond the basics and explaining how things actually get done.

Get Immediate Value from Your New Hire
The case for renewing the narrative of progress and global businesses’ role within it needs to start with the end in mind.

An Agenda for the Future of Global Business
Enjoy these five free downloadable HBR articles on the topics of risk and globalization, brought to you by FM Global.

RiskEssentials – FM Global
What are the secrets of masters of manufacturing? We found three common traits.

How Manufacturers Can Get Faster, More Flexible, and Cheaper
What are the team dynamics of generosity? And what should you do if you're stuck working with a taker?

More on Being Generous Without Being a Doormat
Join us at Noon ET on March 6 for a free HBR Webinar with John Danner and Chris Kuenne to discover how to more effectively play to your strengths, complement and compensate for your gaps, and build successful businesses.

C-Suite Strategy for Growth
Author Neil Pasricha has some advice for reading more books this year: 1) centralize reading in your home, 2) Make a public commitment, 3) find a few trusted, curated lists, 4) change your mindset about quitting, 5) take a "news fast" and channel your reading dollars, 6) triple your churn rate, 7) read physical books, 8) reapply the 10,000 steps rule — in other words, read all the time, a few...
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Congratulations to Dacher Keltner, winner of the 2017 Warren Bennis Prize for his article "Don’t Let Power Corrupt You." The prize honors the previous year's best Harvard Business Review article on leadership and is presented jointly by HBR and the USC Marshall School of Business. Keltner is the author of the book The Power Paradox: How We Gain and Lose Influence, on which the article is based.

Avoiding the Behaviors That Turn Nice Employees into Mean Bosses
What the Best Consumer Innovations Have in Common with Eddie Yoon and Taddy Hall. #HBRLive
Attention management issues are due not to a skills gap on the part of the employees, but to a wider cultural problem unintentionally reinforced, or at least tolerated, by senior leadership.

Your Team’s Time Management Problem Might Be a Focus Problem
Only 16% of reorgs create value and deliver expected results within the expected amount of time. How successful was your recent reorg?

Assessment: How Successful Was Your Company’s Reorg?
Everything you need to know about building and understanding great teams.

The New Science of Team Chemistry
The sharing economy isn’t as open as we think: People of color are discriminated against on platforms such as Airbnb, Uber, and Lyft.

A Better Way to Fight Discrimination in the Sharing Economy
The best leaders practice a form of leadership that is less about creating followers and more about creating other leaders.

What the Best Mentors Do
Exceptional managers find and capitalize on their employees' unique strengths.

What Great Managers Do
Become aware of the primal origin of the stories you tell yourself.

4 Ways to Control Your Emotions in Tense Moments
Everything you need to know about building and understanding great teams.

The New Science of Team Chemistry
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Learning to sort out our inner demons can be liberating.

Make Peace with Your Unlived Life