There's a story behind every case study. Professor Jan Rivkin tells the story of how the LEGO case came to be.
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Spotlight, Argo, American Hustle, The Hunger Games.
This is a small sampling of Oscar-worthy films that you might never have seen were it not for “The Black List.” Professor Henry McGee, former president of HBO, explains a fascinating case about the changing Hollywood film industry.

Black Business Leaders Series: Franklin Leonard, 'Black List' Mastermind
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Class participation is so important to the learning model at HBS that 50 percent of a student's grade in many courses is based on the quality of class participation.
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The Polaroid Corporation donated 1.5 million items from their archives to our library. A new exhibition traces the history of the entrepreneurial company.

The Polaroid Moment
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Sometimes, the best way to picture yourself somewhere is to step into the shoes of a protagonist. Students will travel around the world this spring to help companies solve their business problems, and our librarians have some reading recommendations.

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Maggie Lena Walker grew up in the heart of the Confederacy just after the Civil War. With the odds stacked against her, she eventually become the the first female bank president.

This case will be taught in our new class, Black Business Leaders and Entrepreneurship. Listen to the Cold Call podcast: [ Link ]
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Applying to top MBA programs can feel intimidating at first. A current student shares his advice.

How I Chose My HBS Recommenders
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“It’s not enough for them to like you. They also have to believe you’re worth the offer you want.”

How to negotiate the best job package
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Small businesses can seriously benefit from paid search ads, but the results might not be long term.

Paid Search Ads Pay Off for Lesser-Known Restaurants
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Pymetrics, created by Frida Polli (MBA 2012) uses neuro-science based games to help people find their dream job.

How This Founder Is Using Neuroscience To Help People Discover Their Dream Jobs
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Professor Tarun Khanna, the director of Harvard University's South Asia Institute, notes that the top companies in India are facing corporate governance issues.

There is massive invasion of ethics in India's large corporate houses: Tarun Khanna
The solution to America’s infrastructure woes may lie in financial models that have proven successful in Africa.

What Africa Can Teach the United States About Funding Infrastructure Projects
Africa seems to have all the ingredients necessary for breakaway growth. HBS professors share a plan for bringing innovation and prosperity to the continent.

Africa's New Generation of Innovators
Maggie Lena Walker devoted herself to solving problems facing blacks after the Civil War. In the process she became the first female bank president.

Listen to the newest episode of Cold Call to learn why she's an important figure in the canon of business leadership: [ Link ]
Kike Aluk had some misconceptions about HBS before she applied, but interview day changed her mind.

My Misperceptions about HBS
There’s a new case study out, and it’s on democracy.

All hail partisan politics
To be a good leader ask these 5 questions when making difficult decisions.

A Harvard professor on the five questions to ask when facing tough decisions
To celebrate a big milestone, HBS New Venture Competition awards even bigger prizes.

New Venture Competition to offer a record $300,000 in Prizes
Take a look back at why bachelors spend a lot more on Valentine’s Day than married men (and women) do.

Why Bachelors Spend So Much Money on Valentine's Day