Access to clean water is quickly becoming one of the world’s most pressing problems. HBS professors share solutions: [ Link ]
Wally Eamer (MBA 1979) negotiated a historic deal for land use in the Great Bear Rainforest between indigenous coalitions, the lumber industry, environmental groups, and the Canadian government. What you can learn from large negotiations: [ Link ]
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IBM robot, Watson, was decades in the making and will reimagine health and other fields for decades to come. How several HBS alumni are working to make the world's smartest robot even smarter.

Big Blue's Big Bet - Alumni - Harvard Business School
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Scientific initiatives won't reach patients without strong incentives to bring them to market.

Three Harvard Experts Explain How Economics Can Shape Precision Medicines
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HBS professor reveal their favorite cases to teach: [ Link ]
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Happy first day of spring! We're looking forward to days on campus like this one.
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Hiding products from customers may ultimately boost sales:
[ Link ]
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How feminist activist and musician Kiran Gandhi (MBA 2015) thinks about marketing her music in the modern era: [ Link ]
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When cooks see those who will be eating their food, they feel more motivated and work harder.

To Motivate Employees, Show Them How They're Helping Customers
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Kevin Bennet (MBA 1980) chairs the Mayo Clinic's 102-year-old engineering department, where some of the first machines designed to keep patients alive during open-heart surgery were developed. Today, he oversees a team of 67 programmers, technologists, and engineers to develop new medical devices.

How Deep Brain Stimulation Could Change Medicine
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929 students took the Climate Change Challenge to generate ideas about how companies can negate impacts from a changing environment.

More Than 900 Examples of How Climate Change Affects Business
Immigrants have helped generate some of America’s most beloved inventions. Professor Tom Nicholas analyzes how foreign-born inventors aid in economic growth.

How Immigrants Have Contributed to American Inventiveness
“In the United States we have a number of discrete, unrelated houses and centers dedicated to individual writers, but no single location celebrating the country’s rich, diverse literature."— Jay Hammer (MBA 1979)

The Inside Story of the New American Writers Museum
"I am at HBS because it is a place that enables change, and I hope to leverage the skills I learn here to drive more opportunities for diversity in the workplace for Latinos like me."

Advice for Prospective Latino Students
Through our Social Enterprise Initiative, TJ Moen (MBA 2017) landed a summer fellowship that will inform his post-MBA path.

3 Lessons I Learned as a Social Enterprise Summer Fellow
Entrepreneurs have three distinguishing characteristics: the ability to thrive in uncertainty, a passionate desire to author and own projects, and the ability to persuade others.

How to Identify and Hire Truly Entrepreneurial Leaders
America’s political industry is thriving, but Americans have never been more dissatisfied. Professor Michael Porter shares his plan to fix it: [ Link ]

Why Politics Is Failing America
This is why the late 19th and early 20th centuries were the golden ages of American innovation: [ Link ]
"The Latino Student Organization is incredibly important as a student organization on campus because it demonstrates that HBS is an inclusive environment that not only accepts, but truly supports the development of future leaders with any affiliation."

What You Need to Know about the Latino Student Organization