Nervous you may not have enough financial knowledge to attend our Finance for Senior Executives program? Faculty Chair C. Fritz Foley says, "this is the exact course for you." [ Link ]
"When consumers lack affordable, accessible options, they create work-arounds, or 'life hacks'," write Clayton Christensen and Derek van Bever, who both teach in our Disruptive Innovation program. [ Link ]

Africa's New Generation of Innovators
David Bell, CFO of Schnucks, walked into our Driving Corporate Performance program with very specific goals—he achieved all of them and more. [ Link ]
Find out how TAV grew from humble beginnings to become one of the world's largest airport management companies in this new case study from Professor Juan Alcácer, faculty cochair of our Global Strategic Management program. [ Link ]

Harvard Business School publishes a case study about Istanbul-based TAV
Today may mark the spring equinox here in Boston, but lines were drawn in the snow just a week ago during a GMP snowball fight. Happy first day of spring!
"Discussing the issues in the case studies and looking at the world in a completely different way, that was quite interesting."

Gloria Nyambok learned to view herself from a new perspective during her time in our Senior Executive Program - Africa.
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It's been said that profits go up when more women are in the boardroom. The truth? It's not that simple. [ Link ]

The damaging myth about why we need more women on corporate boards
How long does it take to make a difference? Mitchell Weiss—who teaches in our Strategic Perspectives in Nonprofit Management program—explains how One Fund Boston raised $61M in 75 days to help the victims of the marathon bombing. [ Link ]

Lessons from Boston's Experiment with The One Fund
When in-store customers ask, should stores match their online prices? [ Link ]

How Retailers Should Think About Online Versus In-Store Pricing
Did you know that participants in our programs have their own living groups to work with and enrich their experience?

We got a sneak peek at Naresh Rajanna, a PLD 21 alumni from Estee Lauder, answering questions about the PLD 24 Estee Lauder Alumni Challenge Project with some of our Program for Leadership Development participants.
Diana Tannous came to the Program for Leadership Development at HBS because she wanted to be more than a nutrition expert—she wanted to be a better leader. [ Link ]
Is your company laser-focused on producing quality content? You may be buying into a basic misconception about the digital world, says HBS professor Bharat N. Anand, who teaches in our General Management Program. [ Link ]

Three Critical Mistakes Digital Businesses Make With Content
After enrolling in the General Management Program at HBS, Giovanni Everduin found many of his belief systems were challenged and reshaped—in the best way possible. [ Link ]
“A more diverse force is a stronger force. A more diverse mindset makes you a stronger force.” - Secretary Ray Mabus

We were honored to have Secretary Ray Mabus, the 75th United States Secretary of the Navy and the longest to serve as leader of the Navy and Marine Corps since World War I, on campus to speak with participants in our General Management Program and Program for Leadership...
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Professor Ryan Buell, faculty chair of our Achieving Breakthrough Service program, may change the way you think about thinking. Listen to the newest Cold Call about his IDEO case.

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IDEO is Changing the Way Managers Think About Thinking
In our General Management Program, faculty chair Sunil Gupta encourages his department to innovate constantly and try new things every single year. [ Link ]
Naz Amarchi-Cuevas opens up about her humble beginnings, freedom, and her moment of clarity after attending the General Management Program (GMP).
It may seem impossible to stand out when your colleagues are just as smart and hard working as you. If your emotional intelligence is strong, however, you may just find yourself rising to the top. [ Link ]

Why Young Bankers, Lawyers, and Consultants Need Emotional Intelligence
This week we'll take a look at the General Management Program (GMP). GMP is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience designed for executives with recently acquired or significantly expanded general management responsibilities.

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