Have we been incorrectly assessing the qualities of entrepreneurs? New research from HBS professor Lynda Applegate, faculty member of our Owner/President Management program, identifies five skills that founders are more likely to possess. [ Hbs.me Link ]

What is the difference between a founder and a leader? (Sponsored by Harvard Business School Executive Education)

Our Owner/President Management program inspired Nancy Geenen—CEO of Suann Ingle Associates—to push outside of her comfort zone. [ Hbs.me Link ]
When you don't have an energy strategy for your business, you overlook enormous opportunities to reduce risk, improve resilience, and create new value. [ Hbs.me Link ]

Your Company Needs an Energy Strategy

Whether you need to expand your global perspective, evaluate the competition, or build strategic consensus, the Owner/President Management program is a game changer.

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"Collaboration pays out when it's what I call smart collaboration," says Heidi K. Gardner, who teaches in our Leading Professional Service Firms program. [ Hbs.me Link ]

Collaborating Better Across Silos

A few years after attending the Owner/President Management Program (OPM), Chuck Cohen's negotiation skills were put to the test during a contract dispute. Here's how OPM prepared him for a masterful negotiation.
Women are being encouraged to "lean in" at work, but an HBS study shows that when women are forced to negotiate (versus choosing to negotiate), the outcome is not usually in their favor. [ Hbs.me Link ]

The Cost of Leaning-in

This week we dive into our Owner/President Management (OPM) program. OPM is specifically designed for business owners and founders who also serve as chief executive officers, chief operating officers, presidents, managing directors, or executive directors of companies.

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"I can't wait to go into the classroom, discuss the case with my students, and find out what business lessons emerge," says HBS professor Anita Elberse, faculty chair of our Business of Entertainment, Media, and Sports program. [ Hbs.me Link ]

Wrestler, Actor, Producer, Case Study Protagonist? - News - Harvard Business School

HBS professor Jan Rivkin, who teaches in our Advanced Management Program, had the opportunity to live every kid's dream—he went behind the scenes at Lego. [ Hbs.me Link ]

Innovation Under Constraint: Constructing a Turnaround at Lego

The idea that there's a single issue at the root of a problem usually isn't true. Problems often have many causes that can be addressed in a variety of different ways. [ Hbs.me Link ]

Are You Solving the Right Problems?

Vanguard executive Amy Cribbs loved hearing different viewpoints in an atmosphere of openness and healthy debate at HBS—and felt the Advanced Management Program made her a better, more well-rounded leader. [ Hbs.me Link ]
Professor Ranjay Gulati, faculty chair of our Advanced Management Program, loves to bring his research alive in the classroom. [ Hbs.me Link ]
"People can develop their capacity to lead," says HBS professor Linda Hill, faculty chair of our High Potentials Leadership program. "What you're looking for is behavioral evidence that this person has the potential and talents to manage."
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Is Your Employee Ready to Be a Manager?

Lincoln Mali's father dreamed his son would grow to be a leader at Harvard. In the Advanced Management Program (AMP) at HBS Executive Education, those dreams turned into a reality for Lincoln, AMP 184 class speaker.
In her Sonnets from the Portuguese, Elizabeth Barrett Browning asked "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..." Here at HBX, we thought we'd celebrate Valentine's Day by applying - in a playful, lighthearted, and altogether not-terribly-scientific manner - some of the lenses on innovation from o...

The HBX Guide to a Disruptive Valentine's Day

Our Comprehensive Leadership Programs are designed for individuals at all levels—from top executives and general managers to up-and-coming leaders and business owners—each intensive program delivers what companies need most: visionary leaders who can improve corporate performance and drive competitive advantage.

We'll take a look each week at the four transformational programs we offer. This...
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HBS professor Max H. Bazerman, faculty chair of our Changing the Game program, helped change the way AIG handled insurance claim negotiations using the "final-offer arbitration challenge." [ Hbs.me Link ]

What Negotiators Can Learn from Baseball Salary Arbitrations

Acquisition entrepreneurship means instant impact. You're immediately in charge. But are you ready for that? [ Hbs.me Link ]

Buying Your Way into Entrepreneurship

The Senior Executive Program - Africa explores the proven approaches of successful leaders in Africa and around the globe. Learn more: [ Exed.hbs.edu Link ]