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Over the years, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. has been mentioned 114 times in HGSE news stories and 37 times in Ed. Magazine articles. On this special day commemorating him, we invite you to explore the countless HGSE articles, links, quotes, and webpages related to Martin Luther King Jr. and his impact on education.

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“I do expect the administration to make an effort to act on President-elect Trump’s campaign proposal to devote 20 billion federal dollars to expanding school choice for low-income students, but it’s a bit hard to see a Republican Congress either approving that much new spending or even redirecting existing funds.” -- HGSE's Martin West

Federal Education Policy: What to Expect

Resolving to close the gap between our values and our daily work as educators.

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The Challenge of Change | Harvard Graduate School of Education

Strategies for guiding undocumented students to college.

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Opening Access

"It's not just the question of real or fake, but it's the broader question of how do all of us evaluate the information that comes to us via screens."

The Mythology of the Millennial

"Suspending students with disabilities for behaviors related to their disability, rather than providing interventions, will not solve the problem."

--HGSE's Laura Schifter and Thomas Hehir, sharing their timely thoughts in this Hechinger Report op-ed.

Will Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions stumble over his history on disabled students? - The Hechinger Report

“We spend an enormous amount of time preparing people for work, but do nothing to prepare them for love.”
-- HGSE's Rick Weissbourd

Six ways parents and schools can teach teens about love

"They're out there; they're interested; they want to contribute in really meaningful ways, but we have to create pathways."

Hiring a Diverse Faculty

"More generally, we could learn much from others and with others, in figuring out how to align the curriculum with the biggest challenges we face, for instance the challenge of promoting religious tolerance, promoting social inclusion, helping people understand the beauty and promise that lies in our diversity, and promoting sustainable interactions with the environment."

- Prof. Fernando...
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Fernando Reimers on International Education: Global Comparative Education Analysis and Study to Advance Development, Collaboration, and Effective Teaching and Learning - Harvard International Review

As part of January term, legendary professor Howard Gardner lectures to a packed room on 'Intelligence and Intelligences.'
Some good advice for 2017 -- and our second most popular FB video of 2016: Dean Ryan's "Five truly essential questions" that you should regularly ask yourself and others.
As we hope for a new year filled with equity and kindness in schools and beyond, research offers some encouraging insights.

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Accentuate the Positive

Reaching over 35 million people with over 13 million views, "Lift Off" by alum Donovan Livingston was our most popular Facebook post (and tweet and web story) of 2016!
"This piece, based on a report by the Making Caring Common project at Harvard, gets us back to kindness. The authors explain how the report encourages parents, educators and college admissions staff members to give greater weight to how an applicant has helped their world than a million achievements designed to get into school."

Congrats, Making Caring Common for being included in On...
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On Parenting’s most read of 2016

“Potentially it’s faster, but not for all students.” -- HGSE's Chris Dede

The Naval War College Is Gamifying Its Curriculum

“The work of the artist has never been more urgent than it is in our new political era. We are entering a phase in our history which demands that artists and thinkers and writers and teachers respond to the world as we see it..." -- Clint Smith

Words Matter

Educators need the skills to talk concretely about curriculum and instruction, apply resources for improvement, recognize when and how practice is changing, and assess team and student progress.

Learn more about ‘The Transformative Power of Teacher Teams’ offered April 30-May 2, 2017: gse.harvard.edu/ppe/tt

The Transformative Power of Teacher Teams

What kinds of experiences produce powerful learning, and how can we ensure that all learners have access to these experiences? Join HGSE’s Associate Professor Jal Mehta at 'Deeper Learning for All' to examine these questions and what it would mean to design a new 21st-century system that promotes deeper and more engaging instruction for all students.

Learn more: gse.harvard.edu/ppe/dl

Deeper Learning for All: From the Classroom to the System

As we hope for a world filled with equity and kindness in schools and beyond, research offers some encouraging insights.
Race, Equity, and Leadership in Schools, a new program offered by The Principals’ Center at HGSE, invites participants to engage in open and effective dialogue around issues of race, identity, power, and privilege.

Apply today: gse.harvard.edu/ppe/real

Race, Equity, and Leadership in Schools