Examine your own leadership challenges in the context of instructional improvement and learn how to lead and manage your school more effectively at ‘Improving Schools: The Art of Leadership.’

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Improving Schools: The Art of Leadership

"Maybe my grandchildren or great-grandchildren will be equally satisfied having “conversations” with AI programs, although I can’t conceive of a situation where I would be."

-- Prof. Howard Gardner

Artificial Intelligence and the Professions | The Good Project

Askwith Forums – A Book, a Page, a World: The Artistic Journey...

Explore the picture book worlds of author and illustrator, husband and wife, who create worlds for children by bridging history, heritage, culture and curiosity.

• Lesa Cline-Ransome, author
• James Ransome, illustrator
Moderator: Pamela A. Mason, Ed.D.’75, senior lecturer on education and faculty director,...
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Askwith Essentials - Driving Change: The Challenges Superintendents Face in Urban Schools

When it comes to leading reforms in urban school districts, superintendents face a unique set of challenges – often with highly fractured constituents and stakeholders, limited operational capacity, enormous achievement gaps, a lack of resources, and a dependency on the state.
How can superintendents...
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"What do you learn as a parent?"

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Growing (Up) Together

With racial inequities and divides front and center, how can teachers use this year’s Black History Month in meaningful ways?

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Lessons from — and for — Black History Month

The first step to lessening the threat of potential gun violence in our communities and schools?

Awareness and a knowledge that it can happen to you, says Nicole Hockley, founder and managing director of Sandy Hook Promise, an organization launched by family members of the victims of the 2012 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

The Sandy Hook Promise

After nearly a foot of snow and a day off yesterday, HGSE is back in session with Friday classes. In a little over three months, graduation will occur on this very same (less snowy) spot in Radcliffe Yard.
Update: HGSE Will Be Closed Tomorrow, Thursday 2/9

A note from Jason Carlson, Chief of Operations at HGSE:

Good Evening HGSE,

We’ve been closely monitoring the progress of the winter weather event that is expected to arrive Thursday morning and to continue through the afternoon. A Winter Storm Warning has been issued for the Boston region, with snowfall expected to begin around 6:00 a.m....
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"School choice as the sole vehicle for promoting equity will instead contribute to racial segregation and further divide us. This is the wrong choice for our nation’s education system. Betsy DeVos promotes a vision for society that outwardly extols the idea of equity but in reality does little to ensure it."

--HGSE's Natasha Kumar Warikoo, expressing her opinion in The Hechinger Report

Why Betsy DeVos’ vision of education does little to ensure equity - The Hechinger Report

Betsy DeVos has just been confirmed as the next Secretary of Education for the United States. We spoke to two HGSE faculty members about their thoughts (link below), yet want to hear yours:

What should be Sec. DeVos's top priorities leading the U.S. Department of Education?

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What students can learn through intentional conversation (and how to get them to speak up)

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Can We Talk? | Harvard Graduate School of Education

A look at why students get increasingly bored as they get older — and why it matters.

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Bored Out of Their Minds

"First of all, if you are going to make statements about what it means to be intelligent, you need either to define intellect clearly, give the results of formal testing, or both."

-- Prof. Howard Gardner, writing in The Washington Post

President Trump and the nature of intelligence — by the father of ‘multiple intelligences’ theory

Professor Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot — who will be presenting a three-part lecture series on the topic, beginning February 2 — shares a story of her own experience with deep adult learning.

Portraits of Parents: Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot

President Faust's letter to the community underscores that our international students and scholars are essential to our identity and excellence.

"We Are All Harvard"