Congratulations to Professor David Reich, co-recipient of the 2017 Dan David Prize for archaeology and natural sciences!

"Leading pioneer in analyzing ancient human DNA" recognized
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An HMS study finds that certain tumors use fats as their life-sustaining fuel, a characteristic that might offer new therapeutic targets.

Cancer cells' taste for fat may prove to be their Achilles' heel
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Science Sunday: Professor Roberto Kolter is inspired by the intrinsic beauty of microbes, organisms that are incredibly complex despite their tiny size.
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Middle-ear infections, which prompt 12 to 16 million clinical visits annually in the U.S., may one day be quelled by a gel engineered to deliver antibiotics through the eardrum and to the site of the infection.

Antibiotic gel may offer relief for ear infections
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The human microbiome contains roughly how many bacteria and bacterial species?
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Can flavanols in chocolate really protect you against certain health conditions?
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The HMS Photo of the Week: "This is an image of a mouse's vestibular system in the inner ear. By delivering genes into the hair cells in the inner ear, scientists have managed to restore partial hearing and balance in mice born with a genetic condition that affects both. " ( : Bence Gyorgy)

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Nearly one in three babies born in the United States is delivered via cesarean section, or C-section.

Quality improvement efforts yield lower C-section rate
Love and attachment are at the core of human relatedness, and we are driven to find them in one another. Read more about the science of love here: [ Link ] ❤ Happy Valentine's Day! ❤

The Look of Love
“Terrorist and active shooter attacks compel us to build a network to minimize preventable deaths,” says professor Eric Goralnick.

Health care systems around the globe need to prepare for the future
“These markers have the potential to provide novel treatment targets,” says professor Roopali Gandhi.

Serum micoRNAs may serve as biomarkers for multiple sclerosis
Science Sunday: The work of professor Kevin Struhl focuses on how genes create substances that carry out various functions. His research has led to a better understanding of cancer in humans.
A naturally occurring hormone that plays a role in fetal development may be the basis for a reversible contraceptive that can protect ovaries from the chemo damage.

A hormone that plays a role in fetal development may help protect the ovaries from chemo damage
Delta waves on an electroencephalogram (EEG) indicate which of the following? ❤????
Scientists have managed to restore partial hearing and balance in mice born with a genetic condition that affects both.

New gene-delivery therapy restores partial hearing, balance in deaf mice
“By switching certain genes on and off, prions could help bacteria survive environmental stresses rendering them less vulnerable to drugs, chemicals and other environmental assaults,” says professor Ann Hochschild.

In a first-of-its-kind discovery, bacteria found to form potentially infective prions
Harvard Medical School will be closed on Thursday, February 9 due to an anticipated winter storm. Students, staff, and faculty should visit the HMS Emergency page below for further instructions. Stay safe!

HMS and HSDM closed Thursday, February 9
A trio of scholars argue that IVG carries a promise to unravel fundamental mechanisms of disease and pave the way to a range of therapies.

The promise and peril of emerging reproductive technologies
“It’s a testament to the fact that hospitals do respond to financial penalties, in particular when these penalties are also tied to publicly reported performance goals,” said co-senior author Francesca Dominici of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Hospital readmission rates decrease with Affordable Care Act penalties
A drug used to treat diabetes can also slow the growth of certain cancers.

Study reveals how metformin prevents cancer and suppresses tumor growth