Seven notable new books that explore the complexity of the slave experience and reveal how slavery was vital to the economic development of the nation and the New World:

Seven Notable New Books on Slavery
"If a woman cannot tell anyone that she chose abortion because she lost her job, or her boyfriend skedaddled, or she doesn’t want a life with the father, or because unless she finishes her degree, she cannot give her existing child the future she wants to provide, then the rest of us have an incomplete account of why women might choose abortion or even who these women are. This in turn means...
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Norma McCorvey, Donald Trump and American women today
What would happen if the Academy gave Oscars to the book world? Okay, it would be the National Book Awards. But what if it was even bigger than that? Since the Academy Awards air this weekend, here…

If They Gave Oscars To Books, Our 2016 Nominees
Lawrence H. Summers remembers his uncle, Nobel Prize-winning economist Kenneth Arrow.

Farewell to Kenneth Arrow, a Gentle Genius of Economics
"A century ago, Carter G. Woodson fought for the truth about African-American history to be told. He understood that the recognition of African-American history was essential for the recognition of African-Americans, and that recognition was the first step toward the achievement of full citizenship. In his classic work, “The Mis-Education of the Negro,” from 1933, Woodson wrote, “Real...
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The Black History Trump Needs to Learn
In 1970s Harlem, reclaiming and rehabbing old buildings became a way to learn skills, secure housing, and eventually get jobs. It was also a step on the way toward today's glitzy Harlem high-rises.

Homesteading in Harlem
Democracy, police violence, basic income, globalization, abortion in America, investigative journalism -- all in this month's newsletter.

Harvard University Press | February News
Investigative journalism produces extraordinary benefits—perhaps billions of dollars' worth. A journalistic investigation of government waste can save taxpayers a lot of dough if officials pay attention. A successful probe of commercial fraud can likewise prevent crooks from looting millions from consumers and investors. And where a dollar figure can be placed on health, the best...
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Where Did All the Investigative Journalism Go?
"Think of it as a substance-rich, original on every page exploration of how the space program interacted with the environmental movement, and also with the peace and 'Whole Earth' movements of the 1960s."

*Apollo in the Age of Aquarius* - Marginal REVOLUTION
Harvard professor and former US Treasury secretary Larry Summers recommends the five best books on globalization:

The best books on Globalization: a Five Books interview w/ Larry Summers
The solution to abusive policing will have to come from police leadership; the blue culture will not be moved by reforms imposed from outside.

Two Books Argue the Case for Police Reform From Within
Reason evolved in humans to prevent us from getting screwed by the other members of our group. Now it stands as one of many cases in which the environment changed too quickly for natural selection to catch up.

Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds
"A Mind to Stay shows that when it became clear that those who’d left would never come back to a South where they weren’t citizens, the landholders joined the demonstrations of 1965 to win voter rights, and continued to struggle long after to make the land fully free."

A Mind to Stay: A New Book on Black Landowners – AAIHS
“It's not like going to the supermarket and they're out of two-states so you pick up a one-state. It looks like we are stuck, so the question arises: What are we to do?”

What Is a Palestinian State Worth?
The future of America is as bright or as dark as the future of our immigrants.

Going Nativist
"The concoction of alternative facts is hardly rare, and the equivalent of today’s poisonous, bite-size texts and tweets can be found in most periods of history, going back to the ancients."

The True History of Fake News
"Could I find an oral tradition—despite the lapse of 134 years—to shed light on the black perception of separation from home, the forced migration, and removal to a distant plantation? To say the very least, it was a long shot."

The Oral History of a Black Homeland
"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that Jane Austen is more romantic than a kitchen appliance."

Make your Valentine swoon with a Ron Charles book recommendation
"Imposing tariffs on imports, without also stemming the flow of ideas and intellectual property, is like trying to prevent water from flowing through one’s fingers by making a fist. A more rational approach would accept twenty-first-century realities. The information revolution changed the world in ways that tariffs cannot reverse."

Trump’s Anachronistic Trade Strategy