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"This is an extraordinary time to read Dickinson, one of the richest moments since her death."

Emily Dickinson’s Singular Scrap Poetry

"Forget the science: Roudinesco presents a brilliant cultural commentator, a man who married Romanticism and science in a way attractive to the belle époque."

Why Sigmund Freud still cannot be dismissed - Macleans.ca

Matt Karp and Eric Foner in conversation, last night or right now:
Youth Design is a terrific organization we've been happy to partner with for years. Join their Year-End Rally to help provide talented Youth Designers with college and career pathways.

Youth Design | Donate to Youth Design

"If you were ever a nerd who thought of the dictionary as your best friend (just me?)—well, this is sort of like that dictionary has finally come to life and loves you back and also tweets about words all the time."

Who is the Genius Behind Merriam-Webster’s Social Media?

One of the bedrock assumptions of Western politics is that once a country becomes a liberal democracy, it will stay that way. Yascha Mounk's research suggests something quite different: that liberal democracies around the world may be at serious risk of decline.

How Stable Are Democracies? ‘Warning Signs Are Flashing Red’

"Understanding the evolving nature of globalization requires a sharp distinction among these three 'separation' costs. Since the early nineteenth century, the costs of moving goods, ideas, and people all fell, but not all at once. Shipping costs fell radically a century and a half before communication costs did. And face-to-face interactions remain very costly even today."

Globalization's Three Unbundlings

Twenty years later, Michael Sandel reflects on "Democracy's Discontent" and the continuing imperative "to cultivate the ability to reason together in public about big moral and civic questions."

The November of our discontent - The Boston Globe

Umberto Eco's outline of features typical of "Eternal Fascism":


23 independent bookstores in the Chicago area have banded together to create ChIBA, the Chicagoland Independent Bookstore Alliance.

Chicagoland Independent Bookstore Alliance Unveiled

"I want to take focus away from just how to solve the problems of the ghetto, and think more broadly about the society that we're all participating in and sharing, and how that ought to be structured for us all to live as equals."

Rethinking America’s ‘Dark Ghettos’

A copy of the world's first full-length audiobook, a 1935 recording of Joseph Conrad's novella "Typhoon," has been discovered in Canada.

Long-lost audiobook - one of the earliest ever published - discovered in Canada

"The thoughtful curating that took the materials from a firehose of inspiration to a deliberately constructed learning plan is of course the work academics have always done for their courses, but there was something remarkably open and democratic about doing it in public and online."

Public Syllabi

From the invisible digital hand to Deepwater Horizon, November happenings:

Harvard University Press | November News

Is audio the preferred reading format of the future?

Is Audio Really the Future of the Book? | JSTOR Daily

"To my knowledge, no one has explained clearly enough that globalization is over, and that we urgently need to reestablish ourselves on an Earth that has nothing to do with the protective borders of nation-states any more than the infinite horizon of globalization."

Two Bubbles of Unrealism: Learning From the Tragedy of Trump - Los Angeles Review of Books

University Presses and The Seminary Co-op Bookstores, tahgether fahrever. #UPWeek

UP Staff Spotlight: John Eklund

Thomas Piketty on the need for a fundamental reordering of globalization:

We must rethink globalization, or Trumpism will prevail | Thomas Piketty