Video blogger families ‘8 Passengers’ and ‘J House Vlogs’ challenge each other to a family game night. Three rounds of fun with Toilet Trouble, Fantastic Gymnastic and Pie Face Showdown in. Who do you think will go home champions?
The fun hasn’t begun until the whipped cream arrives.* Happy #PiDay!
*Whipped cream not included
Can’t choose which game to play? Why not all of them?
Step up your Jenga game by playing with mittens this winter. Are you up for it?
Which game was released first? Bonus question, in what order were they released?
If you’ve ever wanted to see a jousting zombie, slam-dunking T. Rex or slow dance showoff, look no further than the Cranium Dark game. It’s for people who want to act up!
There are sixty-four tokens that all want to be a part of the Monopoly game. Your votes will determine the next generation of tokens! Vote now at
The top 3 tokens in the lead are Scottie, T-Rex, and Top Hat. Your vote still counts for 8 more days! Vote now at to save your favorite.
Tune in to the Monopoly page today at 2pm EST to vote live. No token is safe!
Another fun family playing the Toilet Trouble game!
For XL fun put on a sumo suit.
Watch this family have a blast while playing the Toilet Trouble game!
Are YOU ready for the new Monopoly Ultimate Banking game?
Hasbro employee, Courtney, shares how she got her dream job working with her favorite brands. #hasbrostories
Tag someone you’ll be challenging to a game of Bop It this holiday season!
Team up with the YAHTZEE with Buddies Community, (RED) and App Store to fight AIDS. To learn more, join (RED) on Facebook! #GamesForRED
’Tis the season of giving! As part of Hasbro’s new BE FEARLESS BE KIND initiative, we encourage you to help your kids take the #JoyMaker Challenge by volunteering in their local community, like donating toys and games to a shelter. For each kid or teen that joins the Challenge, Hasbro will donate a toy or game to Marine Toys for Tots Foundation (up to $1 million worth!) #BFBK [ Link ]