Pets on pot: medical #marijuana is giving sick animals a necessary dose of relief
At 4:20, guests pile into the living area for hors d'oeuvres and good company as they light up marijuana pipes and joints at this 'bud and breakfast' hotel in Colorado
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A marijuana entrepreneur brings in over $1 million a year running a 'bud and breakfast' hotel
Amazing contemporary pop art by Dan Cretu: [ Link ]
Dutch lawmakers approved legislation that would permit the professional cultivation of #cannabis
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Everything you need to know about smoking marijuana in the Netherlands
The Basque Country carved its place in the annals of #cannabis world history in 1997. In this year, the Kalamudia Association of Bilbao successfully completed a crop of cannabis without legal obstacle from the Spanish state – and paved the way for the hundreds of Cannabis Social Clubs (CSCs) that now thrive throughout the country.

Cannabis Social Clubs in the Basque Country | DOPE Magazine | Marijuana News & Reviews
Colorado made $1 billion in legel #marijuana sales
Cannabis was widely used as an ingredient in 19th century medicine, during the golden age of its therapeutic use. Our museum houses a unique collection of #cannabis medicine bottles.
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Our indoor #cannabis garden
(Photo: @rambo_time)
It all starts with a seed
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"We're losing badly the war on drugs," Trump said in 1990. "You have to legalize drugs to win that war."
Our venue in Barcelona, the Hemp Museum Gallery, has enhanced its visitors experience with a new audio guide, available in 6 languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Germand and Italian
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Barcelona Cannabis Museum Enhances Experience with New Audio Guide
The Brazilian government has given one Alzheimer’s patient permission to be treated with medical #cannabis
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Groundbreaking: Alzheimer's Patient To Be Treatment With Medical Cannabis In Brazil
“I Don’t Mean To Be Blunt” (2014) by Sergio Garcia
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Did you know that the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney has a plastic bong in its collection? Learn more about it:
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Hits from the bong
US police profit from arresting people for #marijuana
Follow Sarah Jain into our venue in Barcelona, the Hemp Museum Gallery