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We absolutely love this rolling paper advert (1889) made by artist Jane Atché
It looks as if important steps towards #cannabis legalization are being made in Mexico.
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Is Mexico ending the war on cannabis?

New sculpture 'A Little Conversation Piece' from Sergio Garcia at the SCOPE International Art Show in Miami this week.

His work 'I Don’t Mean To Be Blunt' can be seen in our museums in Amsterdam and Barcelona: [ Hashmuseum.com Link ]
Scientists have found a chemical present in #marijuana that could potentially shrink cancerous tumors
Johnny Potseed (1969) is part of our collection of over 12,000 cannabis related items
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The 4 key advantages of using hempcrete (a kind of lightweight concrete made from hemp and lime):
* It has great energy efficiency
* It maintains a steady temperature
* It is a breathable material
* It absorbs moisture and humidity within the building
Happy weedkend!
For thousand of years, humans have been aware of the spiritual and medicinal effects of smoking and vaporizing #cannabis
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Each trichome (a resin gland which produces the plant's active components) is made up of a stem which supports a tiny ball of cannabinoid-rich oil.
Photo: Joop Dumay
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If you look for the roots of America’s ban on #cannabis, you’ll find nearly all roads lead to a man named Harry Anslinger
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The man behind the marijuana ban for all the wrong reasons

Will President Trump legalize #weed?

"The only hope we may have for protecting #marijuana is the growing acceptance of marijuana, the need for more tax revenues and the movement advocates have created."
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Will Donald Trump Be A Threat to Marijuana Legalization? | The Huffington Post

Cannabis indica L.
In 1785, French naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck identified #Cannabis indica Lamarck from a sample that originated in India. Lamarck named the new sample 'indica' in recognition of its native country, noting that the Indian sample produced more resin glands and lower quality fibres than common European hemp. Indica varieties are shorter and bulkier with wider leaf-blades,...
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Cannabis sativa L.
In 1753, Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus gave the name #Cannabis sativa Linnaeus to the common variety of hemp found in Europe. Sativa simply means 'sown' and refers to the domesticated form of this versatile plant. Sativa strains have thin-bladed leaves, are generally tall and produce long branches with wide spaces (or internodal gaps) between their flower-clusters.
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In the 19th Century #cannabis was prescribed by doctors for young and old for the most diverse range of ailments: a few drops mixed with warm water were a good remedy for pain in childbirth, hysteria and menstrual complaints.
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Thank you Culture Trip for selecting our museum as one of Amsterdam's most unusual attractions
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A Guide To Amsterdam's Most Unusual Attractions