Cannabis has a long history as an aid or complement to inspiration in art, philosophy, music and most other kinds of creative human endeavour. Art and #cannabis go well together.
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(screenshots "Frenche Inhale": [ Link ]
Today #cannabis lovers in Spain pay tribute to Saint Canute. This because the Spanish version of his name, Canuto, coincidentally is also the word for a #marijuana cigarette
In the foreseeable future, #cannabis will legally be dispensed to adults in Canada, but the “how” and the “where” of it will cause the government a bit of a headache
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Canada: Cannabis legalisation trickier than expected - Sensi Seeds blog
From our collection: "Devil's Harvest", anti-#marijuana propaganda poster from 1942
Good vibes at the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum
During the historic days of the Spanish Empire hemp was a very important crop in the Basque Country
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Tech Thursday: Basque Country Pt.1 | DOPE Magazine | Cannabis News & Strain Reviews
A modern farmer: breeding medicinal #cannabis in Colorado
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The Other Cannabis - Modern Farmer
Let us take you higher!
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Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum | Discover Benelux
"It’s time we reexamine the cultural and legal restrictions we put on #cannabis, especially as it pertains to kids."
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I made my son cannabis cookies. They changed his life.
Happy sunday! :D
During winter, coughs and colds affect most of us. There are various ways that #cannabis can be used to ease their symptoms.
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Cannabis for Coughs and Colds - Sensi Seeds Blog
Will the regulation of CBD products be the first of many moves to abolish cannabis prohibition in the UK?
Hash (also called hashish) is made from the sticky substance (trichomes) found on #marijuana. Some methods are thousands of years old.
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Making hash
Our stairway to heaven in Barcelona!
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Do you know the origin of the word “#marijuana”?
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The Origin of the Word "Marijuana" | Leafly