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Chatting with our friends from Gente de Zona during their 2016 Cuban tour
For the past ten years, we have been shining a spotlight on Cuba to give a bigger voice to the island's creators and to reveal the best of its contemporary music and arts scene. We would like to thank the artists that have collaborated with the project throughout this first decade as well as our audience for the continuous encouragement. Here’s to many more years of rhythm, fusion and joie de...
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This year, learn how to make THE authentic Mojito: the one from Cuba. Take advice from real Maestros del Ron Cubano and impress your friends!
This year, impress your friends with your rum knowledge. To achieve that, just keep your resolution of improving your rum knowledge and learn more about Cuban rum-making process.
2017 will be a good year to broaden your horizons and discover a new country: Cuba. Meet new people and immerse into the authenticity of the island and its culture with music lover, composer and DJ David Walters.
Let’s be honest, you know you won’t keep your good resolutions so why not follow our advice and try this one: learn a new language; it will come in handy when you’ll want to order a cocktail in Cuba.
Looking for the perfect New Year’s Eve cocktail? Click on the GIF and you’ll get the answer.
For Christmas cooking tips, you’d better ask your Grandma, but when it comes to cocktails, you can count on us! Here is a cocktail tutorials to get you inspired.
It’s getting cold outside : warm up your heart and imagine you’re in that car with us!
Today, instead of shaking a cocktail for a Daiquiri shake your body! Listen to the Havana Mix we made and have a great week! #MondayMorningMotivation
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This year for Christmas, give a treasure: the Seleccion de Maestros. A luxury rum from the ICÓNICA collection: one of the greatest spirits in the world. Its exceptional character comes from a selection of truly distinctive aged rums chosen by the best maestros in Cuba. They picked the best rums, now you just have to pick the best gift.
At Havana Club, we deeply believe that, just like in Cuba, the best nights are the ones holding a lot of surprises. Tonight your ride might well not be a cab. Who knows…
Friday night has come at last! You know how it begins, but you never how it will end...
Part 2, El Indio! Watch David Walters playing a jam session with Cuban musicians at the end of a long trip. #CubaMusicRoadtrip
Part 4, Camagüey! Listen to traditional Cuban music with David Walters and discover the true Cuba, a side of the country you seldom get the chance to see. #CubaMusicRoadTrip
This is it! David Walters has started his road trip across Cuba. Here is the first part: discover Santa Clara to the sound of the rumba. #CubaMusicRoadtrip
Warm up for Saturday #saturdaynight
It’s getting cold outside: warm up your heart and imagine you’re just here with us #explorehavana
Do you like music, travelling and discovering new tunes? Then this web series is just what you need! Follow talented musician David Walters on his road trip across the country and enjoy his jam sessions with Cubans! #CubaMusicRoadtrip
Today is Havana Club’s favorite day of the year. Guess why? Because it’s International Recycling Day. Therefore, we are going to show you how to turn a Havana Club bottle into a plant feeder. Let’s get to work!