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The organizers of the Manana // Cuba festival bring you an Afro-Cuban night at the Barbican on May 26th

Manana//Cuba: A Night of Afro-Cuban Collaborations

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We're very proud of having supported the establishment of Havana World Music - Cuba's first festival dedicated to urban music from around the world.
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A Valentine's Day gift from Dayme Arocena
Ernesto Oroza is a Cuban visual artist known for his work around the concept of 'technological disobedience' that refers to popular inventiveness in the recycling and reuse of objects in 1990s Cuba. He was recently awarded the Pernod Ricard Fellowship and had the opportunity to conduct research at the Villa Vassilieff in Paris.
David Walters alights in Guantánamo to learn all about traditional changüí – a genre that emerged in the mountains of eastern Cuba in the 19th century and that is based on autochthonous instruments like marimbula, tres and guayo.
For the past ten years, we have been shining a spotlight on Cuba to give a bigger voice to the island's creators and to reveal the best of its contemporary music and arts scene. We would like to thank the artists that have collaborated with the project throughout this first decade as well as our audience for the continuous encouragement. Here’s to many more years of rhythm, fusion and joie de...
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We had the immense privilege of attending a rehearsal of Acosta Danza at their studio in Havana [ Acostadanza.com Link ]
Rumba knows no borders — you just have to feel it. David Walters met with El Indio Salamaleko during our Cuba Music Road Trip #HavanaCultura
Mala travelled to Havana with Gilles Peterson to record and collaborate with local musicians. The result: ‘Calle F’ from ‘ #HavanaCultura : Anthology’ (2016)
Let’s show the world how great Cuban art is and keep its legacy alive. Pedrito Martínez for #HavanaCultura in Cuba
"Mr. Miller" — a burst of rhythm, energy and color from YISSY & Bandancha!
Gracias a la vida, que me ha dado tanto!! Anita Tijoux, Chile, me los llevo en el corazón!!!
¡Feliz viernes! #LaGuarida
"La Mulata Abusadora" — feat. Telmary & Elaín Morales
From 'Havana Cultura: Anthology' (2016) [ Goo.gl Link ]
Yilian Canizares this Saturday in Paris!
[ Letrianon.fr Link ]
Dayme Arocena comparte escenario con Ana Tijoux en el Parque La Castrina (San Joaquín, Santiago de Chile). ¡No se lo pierdan!

Concierto internacional gratuito Ana Tijoux junto a Daymé Arocena en Parque la Castrina, San Joaquín

Tag along a rhythmic road trip with Havana Club and musician David Walters to discover the sounds, faces and landscapes of Cuba...Five episodes now available!

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"Ay" - Arema Arega. From "Havana Cultura: Anthology" (2016). [ Goo.gl Link ]
From the "Angel's Share" series - Turkish photographer Ali Taptik in Havana for the Havana Club 7 - Elliott Erwitt Fellowship