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Terraces with tropical charm: El Del Frente
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Giselle Monzón is a young Cuban graphic designer upholding the island's poster art tradition
Siá Kará Café, Havana
The making of Dayme Arocena's new album - 'Cubafonía'. Tour dates coming up in Germany (Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Mannheim), Belgium (Antwerp, Brussels), The Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam), France (Paris), the UK (London) and Italy (Rome, Milan). More information at [ Cubafonia.com Link ]
"La rumba experimental" - Motor City Drum Ensemble remix. Havana Cultura: Anthology (2016)
In the easternmost city of Guantánamo, David Walters pays a visit to Zona Franca — a group of artists that’s renewing the native genre of changüí to make it relevant to the young generation of Cubans.
The spring brings the release of Dayme Arocena 'Cubafonía' and a live tour! Various dates confirmed in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom and Italy.
"It's great we're starting to know Cuban music, that the barriers are falling a bit, that the doors are opening in Cuba." Papa Humbertico
The port city of Matanzas is the cradle of rumba and the home of one of the country’s most legendary and long-lasting ensembles, the Muñequitos de Matanzas.
“What I like about Cuba is the simplicity of life. You don’t have too many things, and yet still enjoy yourself”
From the very first time we saw Dayme Arocena perform, we knew she had the potential to become one of the next great voices to come out Cuba. Today, we're thrilled to announce the upcoming release of her new album, 'Cubafonía', a co-production of Brownswood and Havana Cultura, which will be followed by a European tour. In the artist's own words, "this album has the tradition, the legacy, the...
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Chatting with our friends from Gente de Zona during their 2016 Cuban tour. They have dates coming up in Spain and the UK!
The organizers of the Manana // Cuba festival bring you an Afro-Cuban night at the Barbican on May 26th, featuring some of Santiago de Cuba's finest musicians in collaboration with seminal @Warp Records duo Plaid, Life and Death founder Dj Tennis, breakthrough Cuban/Iranian quartet Ariwo, and Soundspecies

Manana//Cuba: A Night of Afro-Cuban Collaborations

We're very proud of having supported the establishment of Havana World Music - Cuba's first festival dedicated to urban music from around the world.
A Valentine's Day gift from Dayme Arocena
Ernesto Oroza is a Cuban visual artist known for his work around the concept of 'technological disobedience' that refers to popular inventiveness in the recycling and reuse of objects in 1990s Cuba. He was recently awarded the Pernod Ricard Fellowship and had the opportunity to conduct research at the Villa Vassilieff in Paris.
David Walters alights in Guantánamo to learn all about traditional changüí – a genre that emerged in the mountains of eastern Cuba in the 19th century and that is based on autochthonous instruments like marimbula, tres and guayo.