Every now and then footy players may get the odd 'curly' question.

We thought we'd stitch up Birch by planting a fake journo to ask more than a few.

Fake Press Conference Prank

We were sick of watching the Qualifying Final, so we thought we’d make our own version.

Titanic music makes everything better.
After a short hiatus, we're back. It's time to rank our players starting with 'M'.

Matthews, Mitchell, Moncrieff and more...

She's a tight race, this one.

A to Z of Hawks: M - hawthornfc.com.au

A sigh of relief for Hawks fans...

MRP hands down decisions from JLT Game 1

Footy returned, new faces showed promise and young guys turned it up.

Your Hawthorn weekend wrap right here.

Weekend wrap: JLT Game 1

While most of the boys were in Tassie, a small group of Hawks flew north to NT to spend some time in the local community. ☺

Catch up on all the action: bit.ly/2lbCxOf
We waited a while for it, but it was as good as we'd hoped.

Relive Roughy's goal.

JLT1: Welcome back Rough

Some aspects were great.

Some, not so much. ????

Issie has his say on Friday night's clash.

Issie impressed by young Hawks

He racked up nine disposals in the first quarter on Friday night.

This man is improving, and fast.

Is it Teia's turn?

Hawthorn Football Club
02/18/2017 at 06:06. Facebook
He may be brave on the footy field, but Pup still feels the nerves from time to time
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02/18/2017 at 05:00. Facebook
Hodgey.. the next MJ?

See what the boys got up to on their last two days of community camp.

Hawks take Tassie 2.0

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Captain and Coach address the media following last night's win.

We could get use to this. ☺

JLT1: Hawks Press Conference - hawthornfc.com.au

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"It was good to play with my new teammates and get out on the park again."

We certainly didn't mind it either, Jaeger!

O'Meara on first game in Hawks colours

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Humble, as always.

Kade Stewart let's us in on how it felt to slot the winning goal.

Kade on kicking the winner

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What a finish.

Kade Stewart puts it through as the siren sounds.

The Hawks win by 4 points.

#JLTseries #StrongAsOne
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Gotta be happy with that.

Hawks lead the Cats 69 to 28 at half time.

2 goals each to Langers, Cyril and Schoey.

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We missed this. ????

One hour to go.

#JLTseries #StrongAsOne
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We've experienced both pain and elation at the hands of the Cats.

So, what can we expect from tonight's match?

Match preview: JLT 1

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Will Hodgey have one last roll of the dice in 2018?

The champ shares his thoughts on footy, and what's to come.

Will Hodge play on?

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02/16/2017 at 23:00. Facebook
It may only be pre-season, but we don't care.

Today's the day.