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Salt has wonderful electrical and healing effects upon the body, especially when we soak or swim in salt water. After a long and difficult day, a quick way to clear the chakras and revive the spirit is to soak in a warm bath filled with sea salt and fragrant essential oils. - Doreen Virtue
You are proof of the worlds beauty! - Thank you, davidji!
The New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady featured in the video below discovered The Four Agreements book by don Miguel Ruiz 9 years ago and made it his daily mantra. He has applied the teachings to his job with the NFL as well as his home life. The Four Agreements offers a powerful code of conduct that can rapidly transform our lives to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and...
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I affirm the following: No matter where I am, there is only Spirit, God, Infinite good, Infinite wisdom, Infinite harmony, and love. It cannot be otherwise. There is no duality. Therefore, right here and right now in my workplace, I declare and affirm that there is only Infinite harmony, wisdom, and love. There are no problems that do not have solutions. There are no questions without answers....
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Mike Dooley is Live sharing lessons from his new book Life on Earth and will be answering your questions.
To breathe consciously, exhale completely, then breathe in slowly as you silently say the words โ€œI am . . .โ€ Exhale slowly as you say, โ€œ . . . relaxed.โ€ Repeat this pattern a few times, allowing your breathing to find a comfortable and steady rhythm. Silently repeating these words in coordination with your breathing helps you focus your attention on it. - Dr. Steven Farmer
"In a quiet space, in whatever posture is most comfortable for you, close your eyes, and put all of your attention on the word Our. See it appear on the inner screen of your mind. Repeat the sound to yourself several times, โ€œOur, Our, Our.โ€ Focus all of your energy on this word for 30 seconds or so. Now shift your inner attention to the word Father. See it appear in your mind, and think only...
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by Louise Hay
by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
Set aside some uninterrupted time to walk through your living space. Go slowly and approach this from a meditative perspective. Make note of cluttered or disorganized areas and be aware of how you respond to them, noticing where you may be irritated, confused, or overwhelmed as you go. When you feel this way, spend a few moments visualizing the space in perfect condition, knowing your...
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From Dr. Wayne W. Dyer's Everyday Wisdom 2016 Calendar
By Doreen Virtue