Hayden Quinn
03/27/2017 at 04:14. Facebook
Tonight on Surfing the Menu (Food Network Australia Ch 33 @ 7:30pm) Broome shines in all its glory!
What an amazing part of the country!!!
Hayden Quinn
03/24/2017 at 07:33. Facebook
Come "behind the scenes" of Surfing the Menu - this time we are in Carnarvon

#STMnextgen Behind the Scenes - Carnarvon

Check out all the "behind the scenes" action from tonights Surfing the Menu on my VLOG:

#STMnextgen Behind the Scenes - Exmouth

From the fruit bowl that is Carnarvon to the blue waters of Exmouth; Surfing the Menu Next Generation has it all!!
Tonight 7:30pm on Food Network Australia (CH33)
A quick sneak peek at tonights episode of Surfing the Menu on SBS Food Network (7:30pm CH33)
Sweating on the couch with Kerrie ????

(It's not dribble!!! )
Some more of the "behind the scenes" action from last nights Surfing the Menu Next Generation (Wooramel Station)

#STMnextgen Behind the Scenes - Wooramel Station

Who wants one of these??
My epic Fish Burger, inspired by our trip to Shark Bay, Western Australia, from the book Surfing the Menu...
GRAB A COPY: [ Goo.gl Link ]
HAVE A SNEAK PEEK AT TONIGHTS #STMnextgen episode on Food Network Australia (Mondays, from 7:30pm on Ch33)
How to forecast the weather in Westen Australia - simple

Watch #STMnextgen tonight on SBS FoodNetwork 7:30pm
First episode of #STMnextgen tonight 7:30pm on Food Network Australia - Dan and I visit Shark Bay in Western Australia
Had a lot of fun this morning with The Morning Show crew! Talked about the great ways to start your day with Lowan Muesli

Also introduced the new Lowan Bircher Muesli hitting stores in late April.

Thanks for having me on Karen, Larry & Kylie - get all your Lowan recipes here:
Tomorrow night Surfing the Menu, Next Generation launches on Food Network Australia

Double episodes each Monday night 7:30pm (CH33)
So excited to be on Food Food Network Australia ????

First episode 7:30pm Monday night! #STMnextgen

Fire Dancing in Vanuatu

FULL VIDEO HERE: [ Goo.gl Link ]
I am a bit of a pyro, so this was fun