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MelJol's mission is to empower children from different backgrounds of society and provide them with ample opportunities to build positive careers and personalities. They are currently working in 11 Indian states reaching out to approximately 4,00,000 children and aim to reach out to around 50,00,000 children by the year 2018. Congratulations on winning the #HCLGrant2017 in the Education Category.
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The objective of Karuna Trust is to reach out to marginalised communities by providing affordable healthcare facilities and enabling holistic development. One of their achievements includes successfully bringing down the prevalence of leprosy from 21.4 percent to 0.28 percent in Karnataka in less than a decade. Great Work Karuna Trust and Congratulations on being one of the top nine finalists...
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Child in Need Institute (CINI) in West Bengal, aims to enable economically disadvantaged women and children to take control of their lives and overcome challenges of rural India. They are fighting religiously to break the vicious cycle of poverty, malnutrition, ill health, illiteracy, abuse and violence, affecting in particular, children and women. Congratulations on winning the #HCLGrant2017...
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Breakthrough, a Human Rights NGO is working towards empowering the girl child of Haryana with education as a weapon against discrimination. The NGO aims to reach people who have never been awakened to the ideas of gender equality and rights before, and create a public dialogue through the use of Selfies, Twitter and other digital avenues to empower young boys and girls to become ambassadors of...
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Anup Datta, Executive Vice President of Engineering and R&D Services, says that a common trait among HCL employees is that every individual feels like he is running his own business. Watch his take on the unique work culture that has contributed to 40 years of computing excellence. #TouchingLives #HCLat40
Joint President R. Rangarajan joined HCL in 1978 as a front end Customer Engineer. He shares his views on HCL’s forte: hiring ordinary people and empowering them to do extraordinary things. #TouchingLives #HCLat40
We are proud of how far we have come and aim to reach greater heights in the years ahead. Happy Holi and Thank You for your relentless support.
G. H. Rao, President, Engineering and R&D Services, has been with HCL for 36 years. Watch his take on the “environment and the urge to do something” as the driving forces behind HCL’s legacy. #TouchingLives #HCLat40
Vice President R Ravi joined HCL in 1986 like many of our employees – straight from the college campus! He shares his views on that one constant that has driven HCL forward throughout his career: adaptability to market needs and flexibility to change. #TouchingLives #HCLat40
"We have been extremely aggressive, yet positive in our approach." Associate Vice President Shivakumar Srinivasan’s unique take on his 30 year association with HCL. #TouchingLives #HCLat40
The winners of the HCL Tennis Junior Tours and Masters, 2016 are back after a week-long training camp at the Rafael Nadal tennis academy in Mallorca, Spain. Here’s wishing them even greater tennis glory in the years to come!
Chief Financial Officer Anil Chanana on the “entrepreneurial spirit and hierarchy-less structure” that has made HCL the computing powerhouse it is today. #TouchingLives #HCLat40
Executive Vice President Vijay Anand Guntur started his journey with HCL as an R&D Engineer in 1989. Here’s his take on “relationship beyond the contract” – a core value that has defined HCL throughout its 40 years of computing innovation. #TouchingLives #HCLat40
Meet the winners of the HCL Tennis Junior Tours and Masters – spending a week at the Rafael Nadal tennis academy in Mallorca, Spain. Congratulations, champs!
The HCL Junior Squash Championship 2016 was a phenomenal success- and the first step towards our long term goal of promoting the sport in India. Here are the young champions in action.
From hosting the HCL Bridge Championship to HCL concerts, from Squash to Tennis and more, 2016 was the perfect celebration of 40 years of HCL #TouchingLives through technology and beyond. Here’s to all things bigger and greater- for HCL, and you!
Congratulations Prithviraj Tarai for wining #HCLSquash2016 contest. Request you to inbox your contact details
Watch the best moments of 14th HCL International Bridge Championship unfold, brimming over with intellect, as some of the finest players from all over the world come together to play at the Bridge Tournament hosted by HCL since the last 14 years. #HCLBridge2016

14th HCL International Bridge Championship

Bridge as a game has a lot in common with what we as a business do and believe in at HCL – strategy, well-planned execution and course correction. A delight ...

Watch our champions from HCL Masters and Juniors 2016 share what drives them to play their favorite sport – tennis! #HCLTennis2016

Champions from HCL Masters and Juniors 2016

Our champions from HCL Masters and Juniors 2016 shed light on their idols, interests, motivations and what makes Tennis special for them.