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You can hand over your keys or you can hand over your life. Make the right choice: Don't Drink and Drive. #5SecondsToSafety #RoadSafetyWeek
The times are changing – and not for the better! Let's work together to turn things around and make our roads safe again. #RoadSafetyWeek #5SecondsToSafety
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Don't snuff out your life. It just takes 5 seconds to put on a helmet. Let's vow to be responsible motorists! #5SecondsToSafety #RoadSafetyWeek
HDFC ERGO presents one of the biggest auto awards in India- The NDTV Car and Bike Awards - 2017. Catch all the action on NDTV Prime or NDTV 24x7 on 14th January.
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A seat belt acts as an anchor to safeguard your life. It just takes 5 seconds to fasten your seat belt!#5SecondsToSafety #RoadSafetyWeek
The clock is ticking! Don't be another statistic. #5SecondsToSafety! #RoadSafetyWeek
Let's take an initiative to make the road a safer place for one and all. #RoadSafetyWeek
There are certain road safety rules that you need to follow while driving.
Comment below if you know which one has been neglected in this image. #5SecondsToSafety #RoadSafetyWeek
Can you spot the road safety violations in the image? Comment below with your answer! #5SecondsToSafety
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Choose the correct validity period of a learner’s license from the options given below. #5SecondsToSafety
Do you know the abetment for over speeding? If yes, then comment below with your answer. #5SecondsToSafety #RoadSafety
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No one likes unpleasant surprises, least of all on the road. It just takes 5 seconds to give the right indicator while you’re about to take a turn. #5SecondsToSafety #RoadSafety
It takes only 5 seconds to make a decision. Make the right one. #5SecondsToSafety #RoadSafety
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