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"Medically, I was doing everything that could be done."

I Tried Cupping and Here’s What It Was Like
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A growing number of women with congenital heart defects are now hoping to become pregnant.

A New Possibility: Women with Heart Defects Having Babies
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Three Americans say they are better off under the Affordable Care Act, but they see a number of things that need to be fixed.

Obamacare Portraits: Three People Who Use the ACA and What They Think of It
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Can they really help shrink your waistline?

Chia Seeds and Weight Loss: What You Need to Know
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Are you saying my glass of red wine every night is bad for me?! :/

The Jury is Still Out on Benefits of Moderate Drinking
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Everyone deals with bloating at some point, especially after indulging in a carb-heavy meal.

Bloat Be Gone: How to Lose Water Weight Fast
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Why is there a rainbow of color changes on my bruise?

The Colorful Stages of Bruises: What’s Going on in There?
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Does opening your wallet wider on fancy workout studios really give you better results?

Are Expensive Fitness Classes Worth It?
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Electronic cigarettes are catching fire with an entirely new generation of smokers.

Tobacco Companies Taking Over the E-cigarette Industry
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Mental illness doesn’t care what you look like, what you do, or how much money you make before it hits you.

A Mind of Her Own: 7 Famous Women Helping Raise Mental Illness Awareness
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Enter the sweepstakes to receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Fill out our survey to share your anonymous opinions!

The Sex Education Survey
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Even people who don’t like okra will love these healthy recipes.

11 Recipes That Will Make You Fall in Love with Okra
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“It’s not cheap, but the peace of mind it affords is worth it.”

What Parents Pay to Keep Children with Severe Allergies Safe
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The secret to losing weight isn't running. In fact, it's a lot simpler.

Reality Check: Do You Have to Run to Lose Weight?
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While we can't always be near the Mediterranean Sea, we can at least eat like we are.

Mediterranean Diet Good for Cholesterol Functions
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