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Do prescription painkillers do more damage to our society?

Opioids vs. Marijuana: Which Is More Dangerous?
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Getting inked can be a powerful reminder that you’re stronger than your depression, even on your darkest days.

29 Tattoos Inspired by Depression
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Men can now test the fertility of their sperm from the comfort of their home!

A Sperm Test You Can Do at Home With a Smartphone
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Muscles in your legs can get tight after exercising or playing sports. Make sure you try these easy four leg stretches!

4 Leg Stretches for Flexibility
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Here's your ultimate guide to practicing martial arts.

Karate vs. Taekwondo: What's the Difference?
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It’s estimated that 5.5 million U.S. adults are now living with Alzheimer’s disease.

Genetic Score May Help Predict Alzheimer’s
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Plan your meals to include these 15 powerful immune system boosters.

Foods That Boost the Immune System
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Gun violence costs the public health system in the United States a lot of time and money.

Gun Violence Draining Public Health Resources
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From Power Rangers to Sesame Street, autism is making its mark in pop culture and mainstream media.

Autism Goes Hollywood: 5 Great Characters Bringing Visibility to the Invisible
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Let's not compare your friend’s baby to your adorable new puggle.

Reality Check: Your New Puppy Isn't the Same as My Newborn
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"This is my responsibility and I’m going to take control of my health"

By 67, This Woman Kicked a Lifetime of Chronic Pain and Deadlifted 200 Pounds
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Know the infant vital signs to understand your child's health.

A Mom’s Guide to Pediatric Vital Signs
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Critics say the GOP healthcare plan would decimate Medicaid programs and hurt seniors, low- or no-income families, and children.

How Deep Do the Medicaid Cuts Go in Republican Health Plan?
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Even among those who support workplace protections for breastfeeding mothers, strict regulations are cause for concern

How Much Should a Workplace Accommodate Breastfeeding Employees?
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Every 45 minutes, on average, a call is made to a poison control center in the United States about a child being exposed to prescription opioids.

Poison Centers Inundated with Calls About Children Ingesting Prescription Pills
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Do you get nervous every time you're about to shake someone's hands? Here's how to get rid of sweaty palms.

Home Remedies for Sweaty Hands
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We love the message Target is sending about body positivity (via Upworthy)

Every swimwear brand should take note of Target's beautiful, Photoshop-free ads.