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Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether or not you or your children are being abused. Emotional abuse can be just as damaging as physical abuse. Find out how to recognize the signs: [ Link ]

Learn about family violence in Canada: [ Link ]
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Find out: [ Link ]

Over-the-counter cough and cold meds contain ingredients that can be dangerous if given to kids when they’re too young. Always read the label carefully and talk to your pharmacist.

Pin these things to know about your child’s meds: [ Link ]
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It’s soup month! Chicken noodle, butternut squash, red lentil and mushroom, and creamy clam chowder. Get these yummy soup recipes here: [ Link ]

Tell us about your favourite soup recipe. Or pin them to try later: [ Link ]
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Go smoke-free! Watch this to find out how second-hand smoke can spread from room to room in your home and cause serious health risks to your family. Learn more about the dangers: [ Link ]

Pin 8 second hand smoke facts you may not know: [ Link ]
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Do you use any of these FilZer Lube products for bicycles? Find out if yours has been recalled and what to do here: [ Link ]
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Do you have a line voltage thermostat? We are reminding everyone that various models have been recalled in the last few years. [ Link ]

Check in our database to see if your thermostat was recalled and what to do: [ Link ]
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Looking for information about flu? Some people, including children under five, are more at risk of complications from the flu. Get more info and ways to prevent it: [ Link ]

Pin some interesting stats: [ Link ]
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True or false? Smog only happens in the summer. Find out here: [ Link ]
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It’s National Non-Smoking Week!

Is someone you love trying to quit? There are many ways you can help someone quit smoking. One way to support them is to offer distractions when temptation strikes. Another way is to encourage them to call the quitline at 1-866-366-3667. Get other tips: [ Link ]

Pin these 10 steps to quit: [ Link ]
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Have you had many snow days this year? Shovelling is a great way to stay active during the winter but be careful. When shoveling and cold weather are combined, the risk of heart attack can rise. Keep your ticker safe: [ Link ]

Pin this list of heart attack symptoms: [ Link ]
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If you’re thinking about using prescription drugs or natural health products for weight loss, talk to your doctor or pharmacist first: [ Link ]

Learn more about natural health products: [ Link ]
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It’s organize your home day!

Here’s an organization tip: Empty paper boxes into plastic bins and label them with what’s inside. Plastic bins are a mould-preventing storage solution! Get other mould prevention tips: [ Link ]
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It’s rubber duckie day! Do your kids like bath time?

A child’s skin burns in a quarter of the time it takes an adult's. To avoid burns, start and end with cold water when running a bath. Get more safe & fun bath time tips: [ Link ]

Pin some other ideas to prevent burns: [ Link ]
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There are cases of E. coli O121 illnesses under investigation in three provinces. The source of the outbreak has not been identified, and the investigation is ongoing. Common sources of E. coli are raw or undercooked food products that have come in contact with infected animals. Canadians will be updated as new information in the investigation becomes available.

The risk to Canadians is low....
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Push your boundaries and embrace the challenges of nursing in the north. Working as a nurse in First Nations communities is a great opportunity to develop valuable skills and make a difference. Do you know any RNs or NPs who would be interested? [ Link ]

Check out some stories about nurses who are making a difference: [ Link ]
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Depression during pregnancy and post-partum depression and anxiety are conditions that can happen to anyone. The time after birth is an especially vulnerable time for women to become depressed or anxious. Learn more about it: [ Link ]

Pin some signs to watch for: [ Link ]
Do you feel more depressed in the winter? Depression is a serious but treatable illness. Sometimes medication is needed but there are also other things you can do to fight depression. Being physically active and eating a healthy diet can help. Learn more about depression and ways to help here: [ Link ]
Do you read the ingredients on the foods you buy? The labelling requirements are about to change, so it’s easier for you to read them and make informed choices for you and your family. Learn what’s new: [ Link ]
You are what you eat! Try this trivia Tuesday question and remember to read food labels.