In a shift that could help hundreds of thousands of U.S. children, federal health officials are considering whether to lower the threshold for identifying kids with elevated levels of lead exposure.

Federal Scientists May Lower Lead Exposure Threshold for Children
A new report from the Ecology Center found toxic flame retardants are still widely used in car seats, even though there’s no data showing they protect children from fires. Researchers tested 15 infant and toddler car seats from a variety of brands and found these chemicals in all of them.

Is Your Child’s Car Seat Toxic?
The presence of potentially harmful chemicals in teethers is of great concern. Exposure to endocrine disruptors during infancy could have detrimental health effects that include asthma, diabetes, obesity and reproductive disorders.

Teethers Expose Babies to BPA and Other Endocrine Disruptors
“It’s a safe assumption that Pruitt could be the most hostile EPA administrator toward clean air and safe drinking water in history.”

Six Reasons to be Concerned About a Pruitt EPA
Learn more about these housekeeping necessities that can clean almost anything.

4 Easy, Healthy Cleaners That Should be in Every Home
Over-exposure to pesticides may cause an array of health problems; at worst, nerve damage, impaired intelligence and cancer. Learn how to limit your exposure to pesticides during pregnancy.

How to Avoid Pesticides While Pregnant
Your baby has reached an important milestone: she’s ready for solid food!

Top Tips for Homemade Baby Food
Confused by the labels on turkeys? We help you sort out the facts with a label decoder. And learn more about healthy holiday meals by visiting:

Let’s Talk Turkey
Here’s one traditional Thanksgiving food to avoid -- a sweet potato casserole, topped high with gooey marshmallows. This candied dish is loaded with sugar.

Who wants marshmallows?
Learn more about feeding your family well and finding healthier choices in the grocery store with EWG’s Food Scores.

EWG’s Guide to a Healthy Thanksgiving
From spooky to adorable, face paint can put the finishing touches on a great Halloween costume.

Simple Steps for Safer Face Paint
Scientists, pediatricians and public health officials from the U.S. and around the globe agree that there is no safe level of lead exposure.

Nobody Should Drink Water with Lead, Especially Kids — EWG’s Guide for Parents Can Help
Help your kids stay spooky but safe with these simple steps.

Easy Halloween Tricks
Exposure to these chemicals -- which are found in food packaging, toys, personal care and cleaning products, flame retardants in furniture and electronics, and pesticides -- causes the loss of almost 13 million IQ points.

IQs Plummet and Healthcare Costs Surge from Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals
These products could cause serious adverse effects in infants. Parents should seek medical care if their children experience seizures, breathing difficulties or any other worrisome symptoms after using the tablets and gels.

FDA Warns Parents to Stop Using Homeopathic Teething Tablets and Gels
Up to 26,000 schools could be contaminated with carcinogenic PCBs, but no one knows for sure because schools aren't required to test.

Activists warn that PCBs — toxic industrial chemicals — contaminate thousands of U.S. schools
Up to 14 million students may be exposed to unsafe concentrations of PCBs leaching from caulks, sealants, and other aging school building materials.

Banned for Decades, Dangerous Monsanto Chemical Remains in Thousands of Schools
Drinking water supplies for two-thirds of Americans are contaminated with the carcinogenic chemical made notorious by the film “Erin Brockovich,” which was based on the real-life poisoning of tap water in a California desert town.

‘Erin Brockovich’ Chemical in Drinking Water of More than 200 Million Americans
Triclosan is still used in products like acne treatments, body washes and Colgate Total toothpaste, and is also added to many other products including fabrics and plastic items marketed as “germ-killing” or “antibacterial,” though it is not listed on their labels.

Toxic Triclosan Banned From Soap but Lingers in Consumer Products
Parents know a thing or two about dirty laundry. From spit-up and bathroom waste to grass stains and who-knows-what, kids’ clothing picks up stains of all shapes and sizes – and they all need to get cleaned up.

8 Hazardous Chemicals in your Laundry Stain Remover