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Concerned about your child’s development? Check out these "Learn the Signs. Act Early" tip sheets on how to help your child if you have a concern. Completing these milestone checklists & talking with your child’s doctor are the first steps. [ Link ]

CDC | Milestones | Learn the Signs. Act Early. | NCBDDD
Healthy Children
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Cold and flu season are still hitting hard. Know what to do (and when to call the pediatrician!) if illness strikes your family.

My Child is Sick! 2nd Edition [Paperback] - AAP
Healthy Children
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One of the best ways to protect children is by immunizing them. Check out our new PSA & share! #VaccinesWork
Healthy Children
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Did you miss our webinar on picky eating? You still have a chance to check out all of Dr. Muth's (How to Raise Healthy Eaters) advice and tips. The archived version is available now!
Does your young child dream of becoming the next big Olympic star or pro athlete? To avoid injury & burnout, the AAP encourages an approach that will keep kids active and healthy for a lifetime.

Too Much, Too Soon: Overtraining Can Lead to Injury & Burnout
Thanks Young I.V. for the great reminder! Parents, use our new interactive tool to create a personalized Media Plan for your family: [ Link ] #DoGoodDigital
There's still time to register for our FREE webinar--The 10 Rules of Picky-Free Parenting. Registrants will be entered to win one of 10 free copies of the new book The Picky Eater Project!

The 10 Rules of Picky-free Parenting
Higher immunization rates protect vulnerable children who are too young to be vaccinated as well as those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. See how well your state is doing in our interactive map. #VaccinesWork [ Link ]
With coverage of today's event at the Fort Lauderdale Airport in the media, kids may see frightening images on the news. Visit Healthy Children for tips on how to discuss these situations with your children in ways they can understand.

Talking to Children About Tragedies & Other News Events
AAP Pediatrician David Hill, MD, FAAP offers some great tips on helping your kids to use tech wisely & shares rules he uses in his own home. #DoGoodDigital
New recommendations by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) - and endorsed by the AAP - spell out exactly how to introduce infants to peanut-based foods to reduce the risk of peanut allergies.

Giving peanut-based foods to babies early prevents allergies
Commit to good nutrition for the new year! Register for a free parent webinar, The 10 Rules of Picky-Free Parenting! Help your picky eater (and your whole family!) eat better in 2017.

Meeting Registration
Kids can make New Year's resolutions too! Here are some ideas for kids of all ages. What resolutions are being made in your house this year?

Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for Children & Teens
Have a picky eater at home? Register for a free parent webinar, The 10 Rules of Picky-Free Parenting! Start the new year off with a commitment to better nutrition for the whole family!

The 10 Rules of Picky-free Parenting
Great advice on how to choose a Pediatrician. Another great tip: look for the letters F.A.A.P. after their name, which means they are a member of the AAP!

Good Pediatrician: How to Find One You Trust | Reader's Digest
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!
Have a picky eater at home? Start the new year off with a commitment to healthy eating with The Picky Eater Project! Save 20% and get free shipping on this and other parenting titles with promo code HOLIDAY16, now through December 31!

The Picky Eater Project [Paperback] - AAP
Did your kids get a lot of tech toys this holiday season? Create a custom Family Media Plan with our new tool to help balance your family's online and off-line time. [ Link ]
Did any of your holiday gifts include button batteries? They are found in many household products & are small, shiny & appealing to children. But be aware, if swallowed, they can cause serious injury & even death. Learn more here. [ Link ]