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With just 6 nutrient-packed ingredients, Hannah Bronfman's Date-Almond Butter Truffles make the perfect healthy, homemade post-workout snack. [ Link ]
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A new study reveals unexpected benefits to eating whole grain foods.

Make Whole-Grain Swaps to Burn Calories, Boost Metabolism
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Everything is cuter in miniature, especially these healthy Whole-Wheat Chicken Pot Pies! [ Link ]
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2016 was the Year of Pulses, but these superfoods continue to grow in popularity.

5 Pulses That Are Great For You
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Naked Spring Rolls, via Giada De Laurentiis.

Get her easy (and healthy) recipe: [ Link ].
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Think nutritionists don’t eat carb-filled bagels? Think again!

The Only Ways Nutritionists Will Eat a Bagel
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Find out what nutrition experts feed their four-legged family members.

What Nutritionists Feed Their Pets
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You'll be shocked to see how portion sizes have changed in the past two decades.

Portions: Then and Now
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These healthy breakfasts will cost you less than a latte.

6 Healthy Breakfast Foods for Under $4
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They may look (and taste!) decadent, but these chocolate Valentine's Day desserts are on the lighter side.

5 Secretly Healthy Chocolate Desserts
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Bake a batch of heart-healthy apple muffins with no regrets: [ Link ].
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