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Remember when your mom would ask you to wash the dishes and when you didn't do it, she'd wait for you to fall asleep before waking you up and forcing you to do it.

Well try this on for size. This lads mom sent him the trash in the mail when he forgot to take out out bin!

Whats the most dramatic life lesson your parents ever taught you? ????

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Come and meet your favourite #Drive326 presenters this Friday at the Canal Walk Shopping Centre Wedding Show! Who will be crowned as the best cake decorator? Come and witness for yourself as they are put through their paces on Friday afternoon!
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How your Monday should feel!

Duncan Patrick is in for Clarence Ford this afternoon so make sure you drop your #LunchBox requests below ????
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Irma G is in for Tracey Lange this week on #9to12 How is the start to your week treating you?
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Serena says she's a "thong girl" now...love by some, criticized by others, saying it's 'soft porn' - your thoughts?

Serena Williams on body diversity, posing for SI Swimsuit

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Guess who's back, back again
JP's back, tell a friend :)
Good morning and welcome to #TheWeekdayWakeUp. Let's get your Monday going in fine style! Hope you're well
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End off your weekend with Jo-Dee Butler, in for Meghan Hector between 10pm - 1am
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Good evening and welcome to Me Time with Clarence Ford exclusive to Heart FM #iheartsundays
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Welcome to #SoundsOfSunday till 6pm with #LOVEhour, Fazlyn De Klerk's #Foursome4at5 selection, great Jazz and your shouts from GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World!
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Day 2 of the Cape Town Cricket Sixes at Green Point Cricket Club #TeamHeart #Heartland
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Welcome to #SundayLunch till 2. A show dedicated to AL Jarreau today. Leave your messages here.. #IHeartSundays
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Do you know the artist and song title? #OneSecondChallenge with Paul Playdon
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Welcome to the #AllRequestBreakfast with Paul Playdon LIVE from the Cape Town Sixes Cricket & Culture Festival...
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Back to the Party Beats with #THEYARDMAN Deejay Godfrey #INTHEMIX on #CAPETOWNSBEAT with Tyrone Paulsen Radio Guy making it #LEKKA on #THB
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We hand the #playlist over to you, you decide what we play. #PLAYMYSONG with Tyrone Paulsen Radio Guy exclusive to #THB #OLDSKOOL
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Bringing you those #LEKKA tunes on #CAPETOWNSBEAT with #THEFUNKYBUDDHA DJ Newton September #INTHEMIX with Tyrone Paulsen Radio Guy as we making it #LEKKA
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You provide the dancefloor and we the soundtrack to your party on #THB courtesy of a DJ Codax mix alongside Tyrone Paulsen Radio Guy on #CAPETOWNSBEAT
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Welcome to the Official Soundtrack to your Saturday Evening, its #THB time with Tyrone Paulsen Radio Guy #INTHEMIX on #CAPETOWNSBEAT making it #LEKKA
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What a fun day out Cape Town Cricket Sixes! #TeamHeart
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The Cape Town Cricket Sixes festival is in full swing at the Greenpoint Cricket Club come and catch the live action