Growing up surrounded by unhealthy choices.
Meet our Heart Month Canvasser, Mariel! We asked Mariel why she volunteers for Heart&Stroke. Here’s her story…

Mariel lost her mother when she was only 27 – her mom, only 59 years young. Mariel got the call that we all dread – her mom was in the hospital –she had suffered a brain aneurysm. Doctors and Mariel were optimistic that her mom would have a full recovery with surgery. That wasn’t the...
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Aaron’s mom wanted to be by his side.
But his special moment will always be remembered as the one she missed.

A breakthrough means more moments together
We are proud to recognize BMO Hockey Hero captain and survivor, John Guinan, for his amazing efforts mobilizing this event in this community of Truro. Congratulations to this tremendous volunteer and his heart of gold.

Maritimer of The Month
Olympians Mark Tewksbury, Josie Spence, Beckie Scott and Calgary Roughneck’s leading scorer, #17 Curtis Dickson are helping us raise awareness this Heart Month by sporting our limited-edition Roots Canada toques! Thanks for inspiring Canadians to live an active, healthy lifestyle!

Wear your support with our limited-edition items at [ Link ] and share your cherished moments with us on...
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Recent research revealed sugary drink consumption will cost over 63,000 Canadian lives and around $50 billion to the health-care system over the next 25 years.

Mexico passed a sugary drink levy in 2014 to reduce consumption of unhealthy beverages. The country has seen sustained results with sugary drink sales down about 10% in 2015.

Mexico has success with sugary drink levy.
Like many Canadians, Roots Canada CEO, Jim Gabel has a personal connection to our cause.
We’re proud to partner with Roots Canada this Heart Month to allow Canadians to wear their support and raise funds for life-saving research.
Thank you Roots Canada for helping create #MoreMoments!
As we celebrate Heart Month, we want to reiterate our commitment to working with Indigenous communities to close the gap in Indigenous health ‒ and finding solutions together.

Health inequities are no longer an option.
Meet our Heart Month Canvasser, Michael! We asked Michael why he canvasses for Heart&Stroke. Here’s his story…


My stroke occurred in July 2013, at the same time as I was having heart surgery to replace the mitral valve in my heart.

I have been able to return to an active healthy “normal” life. I am back to work (teaching at Toronto...
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Canada needs restrictions on marketing to protect children and support parents. #Marketing2Kids

Heart & Stroke Foundation
Dr. Kim Connelly and his team are on the verge of reversing heart damage through the promise of regenerative medicine. With your support, researchers could help a heart heal itself in only 5 to 10 years.

A breakthrough is within reach.
These amazing Canadian actors have been wearing their support this Heart Month. You too can get involved by purchasing our limited-edition items from Roots Canada at [ Link ] before February 28th! Capture a moment that makes you happy while sporting the toque or bracelet and share it with us on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag, #MoreMoments.
Desjardins Insurance and Dairy Farmers of Canada will double your donation today!

A breakthrough is close
Tomorrow we are meeting with Members of Parliament and Senators to discuss how our children and youth are being bombarded by unhealthy food and beverage marketing and the effects this has on our kids’ health.

Read our 2017 Report on the Health of Canadians for more information about how you can get involved [ Link ]
Tina’s story is far too common.
Some of the best medical minds in the world are working to reverse heart damage and save the moments we cherish from being taken away too soon.
That’s why we have established the Breakthrough Fund.
Meet our Heart Month Canvassers, Tyler and his mom, Janice! They attended one of our Heart Month Rallies to inspire other volunteers with their story and reason behind why they volunteer their time to share life-saving information and raise funds for research.

You are an inspiration to us all Tyler! Read his full story here: [ Link ]

Volunteers like Tyler and Janice will be knocking...
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Researcher Monique Potvin Kent, an expert on food and beverage marketing and children’s nutrition investigated what our children are seeing online. What she found will shock you. #Marketing2Kids

Researcher Monique Potvin Kent investigates
New research: In the next 25 years, sugary drink consumption is projected to result in over 63,000 deaths and cost the health-care system over $50 billion. Even more troubling, young people are the biggest consumers of these types of drinks.

Heart&Stroke news release
Warm heads, warm hearts!

We’re excited to partner with Roots Canada to share limited-edition items with proceeds going to our cause. Available only online at [ Link ] until February 28th.

Here are some familiar faces wearing their support!
We’ve partnered with Roots Canada to share the love this Heart Month with limited-edition items available only at Roots .com

Wear your support and help create #MoreMoments - [ Link ]