Boston Children’s Heart Center Dietitians Caroline Brantley and Skylar Griggs recently put on a heart healthy vegetable roasting demo at the Boston Children’s café! With help from Chef Steve and Chef Travis, visitors learned how to roast different types of vegetables and use different oils for flavorings. Vegetables are good for our hearts for many reasons, but a main reason is that they...
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Months after suffering from dangerously high blood pressure and spending more than a week in the intensive care unit, Cameron was diagnosed with midaortic syndrome, a very serious condition that can cause heart attacks and even lead to heart failure. Searching for a second opinion and the best care possible, he traveled with his family from Kansas City to Boston Children’s to begin treatment....
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A team from Harvard University and Boston Children’s Hospital have developed an experimental robotic sleeve that may lead to improved treatments for heart failure including an alternative treatment to heart transplants. This incredible device encases a diseased heart and gently squeezes it to keep it pumping. Learn more: [ Link ]
Welcome to our 3rd Annual Kick-Off Celebration for the Congenital Heart Walk Boston Web Home! This is the place to keep you up-to-date on our April 1, 2017 Kick=Off! Join us for a night of dinner, dancing and fun to raise money to fight congenital heart defects, the #1 birth defect. Affecting milli...

Kick-Off Celebration for the Congenital Heart Walk Boston
For our March #MondayMilestone, meet Parker from Rhode Island. Just over two years ago, he was born with tricuspid atresia, and since then has endured a variety of surgical interventions at Boston Children’s, including a Glenn procedure. We are pleased to hear Parker is doing well, enjoys spending time with his big brother and is an active and energetic child. We wish him all the best when he...
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Nominate our Nurses! The Boston Globe is preparing for their annual "Salute to Nurses," and whether you're a patient, family member or part of our Boston Children's team, they need to hear from YOU!

Visit [ Link ] to nominate as many of our nurses or nursing teams as you can, and help us celebrate their amazing work before March 24!
For our photo of the week, we introduce you to Christian James who just recently celebrated his 1st Birthday. He was only two months old when he had a #VSD repair with Dr. Fynn-Thompson and the Heart Center team at Boston Children’s. Check out all the wonderful photos and you can see how far he has come. Happy Birthday Christian James!
Want to learn how to make vegetables your kids will eat?? We can teach you!
Come learn about roasting vegetables and even sample a few dishes. You’ll leave with handouts and recipes to try at home. Activities and tastings for kids as well.
All are welcome!

Where: Chef’s Playground at Boston Children’s Hospital Cafeteria
When: March 20th with reoccurring demo from 11:30-2pm
Two-year-old Chase was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (#HLHS). His parents learned of his diagnosis before he was born and, since his birth, have been traveling back-and-forth from East Freetown to Boston Children's for treatment. Chase has been awaiting a heart transplant since the end of February and his parents are helping to spread hope and awareness of #CHD. Read the full story.

2-year-old boy from East Freetown awaiting heart transplant
For our photo of the week, we celebrate Ana who was diagnosed with Transposition of the Great Arteries before she was born and had open heart surgery at Boston Children’s at just 2 days old. We are thrilled to hear she is walking, talking, thriving and just recently celebrated her 1st Birthday and 1-Year Heart Anniversary. Go Ana!
Thank you to all of the participants who advocated for children's health and safety at the Boston Children's State House Breakfast yesterday! View all the action from the event in our snap story! #BCHImpact
Vegetables are very beneficial to our health. They are full of vitamins and minerals our body needs. They are naturally low in sodium and fat as well as a rich source of fiber which is good for the heart to help lower cholesterol. When cooking vegetables, roasting can bring out the natural sweetness of the vegetable to enhance and give the dish a unique flavor. Roasting also gives foods a...
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At only a week old, Joe LaRocca was diagnosed with a rare heart defect and has been under the care of the Heart Center team at Boston Children’s for more than three decades. Read the full story of Joe’s incredible journey of survival, his care and medical interventions with Dr. Blume in the Heart Failure and Heart Transplant program, as well as the inspiration he found in his dog Odie: [...
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After 211 days on the heart transplant waiting list, the family of a little boy from Stow, Massachusetts can stop counting. Watch Ari’s reaction from Friday at Boston Children’s when he learned he will be getting a new heart. Read more of the story in WCVB: [ Link ]
Meet Matthew, our next photo of the week! He has been under the care of Dr. Porras at Boston Children’s since his birth and just recently celebrated his 5th birthday. We are thrilled to celebrate his birthday with him. Happy Birthday Matthew!
This week some of our salons participating in HAIRraising came together to share their inspirations for HAIRraising and created an inspirational wall about why they are involved. What’s your inspiration? Share this post with your inspiration for HAIRraising, and help us raise awareness about the cut-a-thon on Sunday May, 21st!
Did you know that at least half of all babies born with a heart condition are not diagnosed during pregnancy? This short video highlights three simple questions to ask at your 18- to 22-week screening ultrasound to make sure your baby’s heart is healthy. View and share! [ Link ] #HeartMonth
Shock, fear and pride were just a few of the emotions Jessica and Andrew felt throughout their daughter Avery's journey to repair her heart defect. In this video, Jessica and Andrew offer an open and honest account of their experience and provide guidance to other families coping with pediatric heart disease. [ Link ]
Starting this spring, students at Boston Latin School will be tested for a type of heart condition that can go undetected. Sudden Cardiac Death claims the lives of 100 to 150 athletes every year. The number one cause, says Boston Children's Hospital's Dr. Gian Corrado, is hypertrophic cardiomyopothy, a condition that can be detected by an ultrasound. Learn more on FOX25 News: [ Link ]

Boston doctor hoping to save student-athlete lives with old technology