Intelligence is sexy
Read this letter of a dying 24-year-old man, internalize it, and realize that you want your life to be shaped by the choices you had the courage to make, not the ones you didn’t:

Powerful Advice From a Dying Man
The Sheriff's office installed a camera in the elevator to "fix constant malfunctions." But it was a total lie. They were actually trying to bust one particular deputy on his last day before retirement... and it worked!

They’re Alone In The Elevator, But Deputy Has No Clue Bosses Lied About Installing A Camera
Nurses work so hard — this video really shows how exhausting nursing is!

Nurse Collapses In Bed, But Camera Reveals She Was Too Tired To Change Out Of Her Scrubs
Mom and Dad noticed their newly-rescued shelter dog, Peanut, tearing through the house and furiously barking at nothing. So, they let her outside and followed behind as she ran to the nearby field. But nothing prepared Peanut's family for what they discovered.

Couple’s Rescue Dog Is Acting Strangely, Leads Them To 3-Year-Old Girl Lying Naked In Ditch
The popular herb has been used by humans recreationally for thousands of years, but there are still some mysteries that have yet to be solved...

4 Big Mysteries Still Surrounding Cannabis (Marijuana)
Calling All Angels
Here are 3 truths about women who have C-sections that more people need to understand.

3 Powerful Truths About Brave Mothers Who Undergo C-Sections