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That's Dean Bennett standing beside Amber on the set during the filming of episode 1009. Dean also directed tomorrow's (Sunday's) season 10 finale which airs across Canada on CBC at 7:00pm/7:30NT.

Here's an interview he gave Carol Hansson of Horse Canada that will give you an idea that there's way more to directing - especially horses - than you might think. Enjoy!

[ Horse-canada.com Link ]
Heartland on CBC
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Well, being a numbers Blog Whisperer, I couldn't let our Facebook page reaching 1/3 of a million likes go unnoticed.

During the CBC broadcast of season 10 this page has gained an average of 191 fans a day, from all over the world.

If I've not greeted and thanked you before I shall do so now, for without the fans Heartland would not be the longest running 1-hour drama in Canadian television...
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Heartland on CBC
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Today's blog is something special. Like the ALL-NEW, season finale episode coming Sunday at 7/7:30NT on CBC, this blog is FULL of things you want to know.

This Sunday: Season 10 Finale! - Heartland

Hey Canada! Don't miss the season finale of Heartland, this Sunday, March 26th at 7/7:30NT on CBC!
Hey Heartland fans! Here is a special message from Amber Marshall about the future of Heartland on CBC.
So... Recently Amber was filming some promos for UP, which starts season 10 in the US on April 23, and she took some time out to do a little something on the side. Wanna see it? Come back here tomorrow morning, at 11 o'clock Eastern Time.
Don't miss the world premiere of ANNE, right after Heartland this Sunday. Here's an exclusive look at the show's title sequence featuring the song, 'Ahead By A Century' by The Tragically Hip.
Heartland fans! Here it is; the second-to-last blog focusing on season 10 episodes. Don't miss this one.

It’s Penultimate Episode Time - Blog - Heartland

When you think of things that go well with Ty, after Amy you probably think of his vehicles - the Norton and especially his truck.

Here's a great article with insight into Heartland's vehicles, complete with Ty photos, including the first one ever taken of him in his truck, taken in November, 2006. Enjoy!

On the Road: Lights, camera, ignition

Uh oh. A new update on Ty's blog, but it's Bob who's managed to figure out how to make a last-minute post. Better check it out!

Bob here

I hope you all know there is a NEW Heartland episode tomorrow (Sunday, March 12) across Canada on CBC at 7:00pm/7:30NT.

What you might not know is that the featured horse that Amy has to look at is a Canadian Horse.

The Canadian Horse is the official horse breed of Canada and has an amazing history. To learn more about it, including its size, how it nearly became extinct and its marvellous...
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CHHAPS Canadian Horse Breed Info

Are you in Toronto tomorrow? Come by the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts from 12-2pm and meet Madison Cheeatow (Jade) and Alisha Newton (Georgie). Details in the link!

Join us for #FamFan Day on the 1st day of March Break! Saturday March 11, 2017

This week's blog is here folks. Read it to find out about some story details, guest stars and to learn about the special horse featured in the all-new Heartland on Sunday at 7/7:30NT in Canada!

This Sunday - A Long Shot - Blog - Heartland

Ty looks a little tired in his latest update from Mongolia. Make sure to keep up with him as their time with Veterinarians Without Borders winds to a close. And, keep your eyes open for the BW blog coming later today!

Quick Update

Don't miss the next all-new Heartland, Sunday, March 12th at 7/7:30NT on CBC!
So... Amber Marshall was the very first Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television Fan Choice Award winner in 2013. For her to win it again she needs to make the short list (final 3). That list gets posted at 7:00am tomorrow (Mountain Time).

What a super Sunday it would be if she lands a spot in the finals on the same day a NEW Heartland episode airs on CBC.

This is my last "VOTE-FOR-AMBER"...
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2017 Canadian Screen Award Fan Voting

Ty's made a couple updates to his blog recently. Here's his latest video! Check it all out at:
or, follow the journey with Georgie on her instagram page at:
[ Instagram.com Link ]
Ty's time in Mongolia is winding down and although he's a little bit tired, he's back with another update. More on what he and Bob have been up to in today's #BordenWithoutBorders.

Goats and Gers

Hey everyone! It's Thursday blog time and I have a bunch of details for you (including something for our US fans) so don't miss it! #iloveheartland

4 New Episodes in March, starting this Sunday! - Blog - Heartland