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There is no new episode tonight on CBC (there will be a rerun of 1002 at 7:00pm/7:30NT) but next Sunday - MARCH 5 - the first of 4 consecutive NEW episodes will kick off with episode 1015, which sees the return of Ghost. That isn't necessarily a good thing.
Heartland on CBC
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The new blog is up! If you haven't seen last week's episode (1014) be warned: SPOILERS ahead!

Spoiler Pix and a Jenn Grant Music Giveaway - Blog - Heartland

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Remember last year we launched a fun little Heartland Minecraft server? For today's #TBT, I'm letting you all know that we relaunched it and it's easier than ever to connect - all you need is Minecraft - no other special software. Here is the address:

Have fun!
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Hey Heartland horse fans; and I know that's most of you! Don't miss this doc about Patty McGill and her unconventional brand of horse therapy this Thursday (as in TONIGHT) at 9PM on CBC!

Free Reins

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Georgie's struggling following her breakup with Adam and poses a question to the fans in today's new #GeorgieRants entry. Watch her rant and leave a comment: Did she do the right thing?

Instagram post by Georgie Fleming-Morris โ€ข Feb 22, 2017 at 5:15pm UTC

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Amber Marshall is in the top 10 for the Canadian Screen Awards Fanโ€™s Choice Award! They announce the top 5 on March 1st, so keep voting. Anyone in the world can vote. Vote millions of times! Vote all the time.
[ Academy.ca Link ]

2017 Canadian Screen Award Fan Voting

Heartland on CBC
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Don't miss the next all-new Heartland, Sunday, March 5th at 7/7:30NT on CBC!
Ten years is a long time, no? I came upon this photo of Amy and Mallory from episode 104, standing by and sitting on the same fence as in the second photo, from NEW episode 1014, which airs on @CBC Sunday.
The new blog is up! I have a lot for you this week, including some details on the conclusion of the Mallory and Jake storyline that began in episode 1013.

Canada: NEW episode Sunday, Feb 19 - Heartland

It's the week of Valentine's day, so let's focus today's Throwback on when one of our favourite couples, Caleb and Cassandra, first met back in Season 8, Episode 8. Remember how that first meeting went? ;) Watch it again to refresh your memory: [ Cbc.ca Link ]
Here's a truly touching blog from Ty as the time away from his wife and family is really starting to weigh on him. Go to the blog and watch his latest video post as he compares the Mongolian lifestyle to the people he misses so much. #BordenWithoutBorders. [ Bordenwithoutborders.com Link ]

Missing Family, Missing Home

Hello Friends & Fans! Read this great Horse Canada interview with Madison Cheeatow and see how what was supposed to be a 1-episode appearance turned into a regular role as Jade on Heartland!

Chatting with Heartlandโ€™s Jade

In case you missed it amid all the Mallory hubbub, Ty made a special video post for Georgie last week after speaking with Amy about the barn fire. Check out his latest post and stay tuned for more updates from Ty! #BordenWithoutBorders
[ Bordenwithoutborders.com Link ]

Morgan and the Barn Fire

Happy Valentine's Day Heartland Fans! #iloveheartland
What was it like to film Mallory's farewell back in Season 7? Here's a Throwback video where Amber Marshall answers that question for you while we look back at that incredibly memorable scene. We are SO excited to have Mallory back for this Sunday's brand new Heartland episode.
For this video and more, subscribe to our YouTube channel: bit.ly/HeartlandOnYoutube
Yes, Jessica Amlee returns as Mallory Wells in tomorrow's NEW episode of Heartland. What's she been doing since leaving the series? In case you missed it, here is a great Post Media story on her. Learn about her upcoming Netflix Original series, and what it was like returning to Heartland.

Mallory is back: Actress Jessica Amlee reprises role on Calgary-shot Heartland in two-episode arc

Graham Wardle was LIVE Taking your questions!
There are a few amazing announcements in today's blog including info about Sunday's new episode featuring the return of Mallory, Graham's Facebook Live tonight and Heartland Music on CBC Radio!

Malloryโ€™s Back, Grahamโ€™s on FB Live & Music! - Heartland

Hey Heartland fans! Make sure you check-in right here tomorrow - Thursday, February 9th at 7pm(ET). Graham Wardle will be here LIVE for chat and Q&A! Get your questions in early by leaving them in the comments below.
Just so there is absolutely NO confusion tomorrow (Sunday, February 5): CBC is broadcasting a NEW episode (1012) for Canada to watch. Watch it at 7:00pm / 7:30NT