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Loving our performances today? Send through your #Hollerz in the Comments below, and don't forget the hashtag #HiphopMonday
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Have any questions about Hip Hop for our Guests today?
Ask away in the Comments below with #HipHopMonday!
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We chat to our UBBA Artist of the day @KanyiMavi, so if you have any questions for her ask them in the comments below using #HipHopMonday
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It's a #HipHopMonday, and we're starting the show with a Rap Battle :D

Send through your Theme Suggestions and we'll them in our Rap Battle!
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Which extra mural activities are YOU thinking of taking up this year? Let us know in the comments below using the hashtag #HipHopMonday!
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Thanks for watching errbody, hope you have an UBBA #MusicFriday
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Playing games this #MusicFriday with @ayanda_mzk & @misspattymonroe!
Send us a #Hollerz using the hashtag #MusicFriday if you're feeling us!
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Ready to get this #MusicFriday going?! @laurizee101 & @ayanda_mzk bring it today, so make sure you send in your #Hollerz!
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#musicfriday what are you listening to at the moment?
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Hectic Rehearsal, join us and ask your Questions
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It's a #MusicFriday, and you KNOW how it goes down on Hectic :D

Let us know in the comments below what music YOU have lined up for the weekend, and make sure you use the hashtag #MusicFriday!
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We are LIVE on all the screens with Mbasa Fefe & @I_AmEsona, so send in those #Hollerz for the show
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And if you’re in Durban this weekend make your way to Essenwood Park, for the Hashtag Market that is now open. Enjoy your Saturday’s with family and friends from 9am till 2pm.

Venue: Essenwood Park
Time: 9am
Dates: currently till 26th January 2019 (So if you are ever in DBN and don’t know what to do, then make your way there)
That’s it for our gig guide.
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If you're in the Johannesburg area this weekend, make your way to Montecasino for a night of laughs, where Andre takes a group of ordinary people and change them into stars, providing an evening of entertainment for the whole family.

He makes his volunteers speak moon language, forget their names and perform a host of other routines.

The show is running from the 20th January till the 19th...
View details ⇨

Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist

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On today's #GigGuide!

If you find yourself in Cape Town this weekend and you’re a Michael Jackson fan, then make your way to the Artscape Theatre Centre for A musical tribute and live concert that journeys through Michael Jackson’s vast and incredible catalogue of work.

This show features all of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits performed live by multi-talented impersonator Dantanio.

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We're on the Line with Amanda Black!
If you wanna aske her any questions leave them in the Comments using the hashtag #HecticTalk!
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We all have that one friend in the kitchen, or is it YOU :P
Today's Chef #LeahCader answers all YOUR kitchen questions today, so ask in the comments below using the hashtag #HecticTalk!
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