Heineken Experience
03/21/2017 at 17:13. Facebook
How do you say the names of our four ingredients in your language?
Have you already met our Shop Manager Henry? Did he tell you a very good joke?
Spring is finally in Amsterdam, so beware of all the joggers in Vondelpark ;) What other branded items would you like to see in our shop?
Who are you sharing a moment with over a beer this weekend?
This one is for you, ladies. Happy International Women's Day!
Plans for the weekend?
Do you know all the steps to pouring the perfect Heineken beer?
Did you already see the faces of our employees all over Amsterdam? This is how our new campaign came to life...
Finishing the weekend off on a good note
Recognise this girl from our tour? Or maybe from our newest cover photo? Meet Roxy - tour guide by day and social media queen by night.
Did you know that Gerard Adriaan Heineken was involved in the construction of the Rijksmuseum? So much shared history with our beloved neighbour!
Brewing love.
A bottle full of history. Which one do you like the most?
Here we beer!
Back in the day, this is what we used for pumping malted barley into the silos. Now we just come here for the amazing view!
Bring your very own piece of Amsterdam back home.
The 'E's that never stop smiling.
Dutch word of the day: biertje! Can you guess what it means? (yes, this is a hard one)