Heinz Ketchup
03/23/2017 at 15:50. Facebook
There’s nothing quite like a dog dressed in Heinz. #NationalPuppyDay
The ketchup is bloomin’ and the Ore-Ida tots are buzzin’—Spring is finally here!
On #StPaddysDay, you deserve a yellow mustard that’s pure gold.
Each regional #HeinzBBQ sauce brings something unique and delicious to the grill game. Who are you picking to win it all? #WhichCueAreYou

1. Carolina Vinegar Style
2. Kansas City Sweet & Smoky
3. Classic Sweet & Thick
4. Carolina Mustard Style
5. Memphis Sweet & Spicy
6. Texas Bold & Spicy
7. Hawaii Sweet & Smoky
8. Kentucky Bourbon Style
50 years later, and we still don't believe you should settle for fries without Heinz. Which foods do you think can’t live without it? #passtheheinz [ Bzfd.it Link ]
Grill season is way too awesome for just 3 months a year. So never settle—break out the Heinz and sizzle all year round.
#HEINZHACK — use a muffin tin to dish out all your Heinz condiments. What are some of your favorite Ketchup tips?
You’re never too young—or old—to fall in love with Heinz Ketchup. #TBT
Great-tasting tools make the most delectable masterpieces. Who do you know with the blueprints to great taste?
Heinz has always been good to the last drop, and in 1983 we proved it by creating our first squeeze bottle. #TBT
Packet’s hard at work making the whole world fall in love with Heinz! #ValentinesDay
We reached our Selfie for Good goal! Thank you for all your good-looking and good-doing selfies—every pic helped end hunger worldwide.
Never settle for store-bought dip—especially not when you’re celebrating the Big Game. Get the #recipe here: bit.ly/1JzMLwo
Make Big Game day awesome and get free Mustard when you buy Ketchup. Make the Monday after awesome too and sign the petition to make it a holiday!

Get the coupon: bit.ly/HeinzCoupon
Sign the petition: SMUNDAY.org
1887: The first Groundhog Day is celebrated. Little-known fact: he really comes out every year for more Heinz Ketchup.
Hosting the Big Game? Never settle for anything less than our super Sunday wings tossed in #HeinzBBQ sauce. bit.ly/2jb7hOR
Two undefeated condiments face off to settle the score: Heinz Ketchup or Heinz Yellow Mustard on your dog?
Hate going to work the day after the Big Game? Sign the petition and help make #SMUNDAY a national holiday: SMUNDAY.ORG