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Do you get annoyed when people drink slowly? Does alcohol make an appearance in most of your social media posts?

Here are some reasons (obvious and not-so-obvious) why you may want to look into changing your current relationship with alcohol.

13 Ways To Know If You’re Drinking Too Much & What To Do About It If So

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Who would have thought tomato juice could be this bloody good?

Virgin Mary

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A bullet journal is a great ultimate planner for those who want to keep track of goals, weekend activities and everyday scribbles.

Have you started yours?

WTF Is A Bullet Journal And Why Should You Start One? An Explainer

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What's your take on alcohol in the workplace?

“I’m sure the pub is where most deals get done. It should be up to the individual to know their own limits.”

Lloyd's alcohol ban challenges City of London's drinking culture

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It's not easy to wear someone else's shoes, but even if they don't fit you're able to open up a space only available when true empathy is present.

How to be empathetic

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Mia, one of the beer-loving grandmas in this interview with Munchies gives us some wise advice: "If you don’t drink, your glass remains full."

We Got Drinking Advice from Adorable Beer-Loving Grandmas

Got a go-to recipe to share?
Take a browse through our Hello Sunday Morning reading list, with books for anyone, at any stage of their journey to change their relationship with alcohol.

Thank you to everyone who recommended these life changing reads!

The Hello Sunday Morning reading list

Germany's drinking culture is a little different.

"Drinking is not always just about getting wasted. More often it’s only a side effect of social gatherings, you just want to enjoy a good beer or a glass of wine with your friends, often together with a good meal."

19 habits when you drink like a German

The Hello Sunday Morning team spent our morning trying something different and ticked 'games den day' off our #experimentschallenge list.

What's on your list?
The media is more likely to link illegal drugs with violent crimes, sexual assaults and murders than it does for alcohol ... But is this really the case?

Alcohol leads to more violence than other drugs, but you'd never know from the headlines

Cat wine is officially a thing. Would your pet like a Pino Meow? How about a MosCATo?

Is your pet tired of drinking water?

Let's face it, drinking your way to slurry incoherence isn't the best way to 'wow' your potential partner.

Six Sydney Date Ideas That Aren't Just 'Grabbing a Drink'

These 10 classic songs poetically articulate some deep messages about drinking.

Best Drinking Songs

"When there's a history of drinking in families there's automatically rules set up, and those rules are: don't talk, don't trust and don't feel."

Are you going to open up the conversation around alcohol with your kids?

“A house of secrets”: Why I talk to my kids about the illness of alcoholism

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Who says you have to miss out? Try this classic botanical infused G & T recipe and thank us later.

Virgin Gin And Tonic

Happy Friday! Bet you can't sober-rave for 38 hours straight like this guy this weekend! #goals

We met Britain's biggest sober raver - Bradley Gunn