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Hello Sunday Morning
12/08/2016 at 19:00. Facebook
Amazing story from The Thinkergirls' wonderful Kristie, reflecting on her shifting relationship with alcohol
Hello Sunday Morning
12/07/2016 at 19:00. Facebook
Do you ever find yourself trying to come up with things to go out for on a Saturday night that don’t involve drinking? If you’re willing to try a new experience, do something you wouldn’t normally be into, or are just open to exploring the sober side of a city at twilight, then we've got some ideas.

We wrote this for the wonderful City of Sydney but the categories are easily adaptable to...
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How to have a sober night out in the city

Hello Sunday Morning
12/06/2016 at 19:00. Facebook
With figures showing that as many as 200,000 Britons turn up to work with a hangover every day, health experts "are urging bosses to organise alternative activities such as bowling and theatre visits where the focus isn’t solely on alcohol."

Seems sensible to us –– what would you organise for an end-of-year celebration?

Health experts say alcohol-fuelled events should be

Hello Sunday Morning
12/05/2016 at 19:00. Facebook
We spoke with Detox|Retox about mindful drinking in the silly season. How are you planning to get through?

(retox) Mindful Drinking: Why boozing a bit less could mean a lot more fun this Christmas

Hello Sunday Morning
12/03/2016 at 19:00. Facebook
An epic #hellosundaymorning from Instagram user @jimmyds

What are you doing this morning?
Tapas, Sunshine and Sangria, the perfect trio to transport you to Spain. But you don't actually need alcohol to get there, try out alcohol-free sangria this weekend and take a trip to Spain!

Recipe: Non-Alcoholic Sangria — Drink Recipes from The Kitchn

Can you still enjoy party season when taking a break from booze? This writer found that she could. Check out this article:

This is what it's like to give up alcohol in the run up to Christmas

With the last week of this year's Schoolies upon us, let's throwback to a piece we wrote recently about the cultural value of Schoolies and the phenomena of school-leaving celebrations. What are your thoughts about they way we celebrate completing school? What did you do to celebrate?

A reflection on the right of passage known as Schoolies – Hello Sunday Morning

"I still go to festivals, parties, launches and feel like I can hold my own without having to drink. I don’t feel like a social pariah, but in my more vulnerable moments, I feel like an outsider — and that feels lonely. Do I miss drinking? Sometimes. But when I come close to someone with a raging hangover, muscle memory kicks in. I just don’t want to go back there. Ever."

How I gave up drinking in the music industry (and survived) – Hello Sunday Morning

Reflections on an emerging trend. What sort of activities would you plan into a dry wedding?

Weddings without alcohol are becoming a thing

This is a brilliant, short read.

"First and foremost reaction is always ‘the look’. I can see the cogs turning behind their eyes as they process what I’ve just told them. Then, I am met by an expected multitude of questions. ‘Did you have a bad experience?’ ‘Is it a religious thing?’ ‘Do you just do drugs instead?’ When I answer a resounding ‘No’ to all of their curiosities they seem even...
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"Running this morning at 5:30am I found myself feeling really grateful for giving up alcohol & being able to feel like I do each and every day. No feeling like crap, no food binges post drinking, no grumpy mum in the morning. It's been a while now since I stopped a few years ago, but I am still in awe of doing it––and proud, as it was tough from a social perspective. My evenings are now quiet...
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Ah, the good old Mojito! Originating in Cuba, this drink is one of the most popular cocktails around the world!. But you know what? A virgin mojito is just as lovely and bubbly and crisp! Try out this non-alcoholic mojito recipe tonight:

Non-Alcoholic Mojito Recipe

How do you get through the festive season and the drinking it tends to expect?

For many, the silly season means work parties, celebrations with friends, family gatherings and indulgence in food, gifts and all things jolly. As your social calendar fills up, we put together some tips on how to avoid filling your glass along with it.

How to enjoy an alcohol-free Christmas

A young woman's account of how alcohol shaped her identity, until she moved overseas.

"Suddenly I saw a hamster wheel in front of me. Society was the over-enthusiastic scientist who would reward me if I peddled just a little bit and raised my little paw with a little cash."

I Moved to Morocco and Gave Up Drinking

An interesting read. The very last statement in this paragraph really stands out to us.

"... the increase in female alcohol consumption is linked to the improved social standing of women, their increased disposable income and changes in social attitudes towards female drinking. As women are marrying and having children later in life, they also spend more years drinking before settling down,...
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Women seek help for their drinking as rates of risky alcohol consumption climb

One for the guys –– Peter Fitzsimons' huge transformation after saying goodbye to his grog.

How Peter FitzSimons quit sugar and alcohol and became a better husband

Hellooo Sunday Morning! We are itching to get outside and enjoy the sunshine! How are you saying #hellosundaymorning today?
Honesty time: how good are Cosmopolitans, right!? Well, we're sorry to break it to you, Carrie Bradshaw, but it turns out vodka is not an essential ingredient of a kick ass Cosmo. What are your favourite Saturday drinks to make sure you're up and at it for #hellosundaymorning?

Try these delicious mocktail recipes for Alcohol Awareness Week