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Wasted money, days and relationships; a personal reflection of a 20-year binge.

"The first time I kissed a girl I was eighteen and very intoxicated. From then on, meeting women and socialising just went hand in hand with drinking."

My twenty year love hate relationship with alcohol.

Hello Sunday Morning
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Instagram user @lunamatto says hello to 27 days of her new life at Lake Taupo.

How are you saying #hellosundaymorning?
Hello Sunday Morning
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With Easter celebrations just around the corner, these eggcellent virgin cocktails will have you hopping around all weekend!

20 Easter Mocktails for the Whole Family to Enjoy

Hello Sunday Morning
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Teenagers' use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco is at its lowest since the 1990s. Could technology be the reason?

"Screen time is digital heroin for kids."

Are teenagers replacing drugs and alcohol with TECHNOLOGY?

An informative and useful article for parents, guardians and teens.

It may not be easy, but having an open and honest conversation with your kids about drinking will help them navigate their own way to a healthy relationship with alcohol.

How to talk to your teens about alcohol – Hello Sunday Morning

What are you afraid of? #hellosundaymorning
Mamamia looks into the importance of giving up alcohol when trying to fall pregnant.

"A moderate amount of alcohol consumption is unlikely to have dramatic results, but new parents shouldn’t underestimate how important those first few weeks of development really are."

Not pregnant but trying: The grey area of drinking for would-be mums.

It takes, on average, 66 days to form a habit.

What area of your life could you improve by breaking a habit or picking up something new?

3 Ways Removing Alcohol Supercharged My Life

Our CEO, Chris, spoke with The Australian about our mission to bring alcohol support to everyone. It's worth a read!

Here’s to cutting back

Sarah Nichols ticked 'Climb Tasmania's Cradle Mountain summit' off her list of weekend experiments.

No pressure or anything, but how are you saying #hellosundaymorning?
Cutting down your drinking but don't want to miss out on the occasional beer o'clock? Twist open one of these tasty non-alcoholic beers and toast the weekend!

3 Non-Alcoholic Beers You'll Actually Want to Drink

Alcohol vs. sugar... is there a lesser of two evils?

Which Is Worse: Dessert or Alcohol? (We Asked the Expert)

The DAYBREAKER movement encourages people to roll on out of bed and onto the dance floor.

"We said let’s replace all the negative, dark stuff about nightclubs with light, positive stuff."

If there's one in your city, why not add it to your Hello Sunday Morning experiments!

I woke up at dawn to dance sober for 3 hours before work — and I've already signed up to do it again

Hello Sunday Morning's CEO Chris Raine telling the tale of how it all began last week at Melbourne's Thirst Studios
We're all pretty obsessed with smoothies here at Hello Sunday Morning and we thought we would share our top secret recipes.

Check out or smoothie blog on how to make the ultimate concoction.

How to make the best smoothies

Tune in from 10pm tonight to watch our brilliant supporter Andy Allen when he catches up with #hellosundaymorning CEO Chris Raine on his Food Network Australia show, Andy & Ben Eat Australia! [ Sbs.com.au Link ]
A witty and honest reflection on why men feel like they should 'drink like a man'.

"I drank because I was afraid. Booze is an insufficient coping mechanism. I drank because I was in pain. I drank when I won, I drank when I lost. I drank to cure loneliness, social anxiety, and that most despised affliction, happiness. I drank to get it up, I drank because I couldn’t. I drank to impress, I...
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Why Men Drink

Meditation has been around for thousands of years and has proven psychological, physiological and spiritual benefits. It’s a difficult task to master, but if you can somehow introduce a regular meditative practice into your daily life, you will soon begin to notice positive changes.

Check out our blog on how to meditate for a clear mind [ Hellosundaymorning.org Link ]
Hello Sunday Morning supporter Rob Mills stars in hit TV show, Neighbours, this week. Go Rob Mills!
Hello Sunday Morning is celebrating the 50th anniversary of one of our favourite tunes, Sunday Morning by the Velvet Underground and Nico.

"Sunday morning brings the dawn in."

The Velvet Underground, Nico - Sunday Morning

March 12, 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of 'The Velvet Underground & Nico’ album featuring “Sunday Morning” Revisit the album here: https://UMe.lnk.to/TVUN...